Birth Traumata

Words: Dr Christine LASCHKOLNIG  The circumstances of delivery have an important impact on our development. Dr Stanislav Grof, MD, PhD, the famous Czech psychiatrist, realised how much the process of delivery influences our life. Difficult deliveries especially shape our body, mind, and soul. I had the chance to observe this in a patient. She got

Treating Relationship Problems

Words: Dr Christine LASCHKOLNIG Homeopathy not only offers help when the body rebels, and the past catches up with the present, but also when relationships reach a point of crisis — often cumulating in the feeling of being trapped and having lost one’s freedom. In many cases unresolved problems and enmeshments with parents stand in

Homeopathic Aggravation Unplugged

Homeopathic Aggravation

Words: Dr Christine LASCHKOLNIG  The intake of a prescribed homeopathic remedy sometimes causes the so-called initial aggravation, i.e., the suppressed disease symptoms suddenly become acute. If you, or your loved one, take homeopathic treatment, you’d have heard from your doctor about such a possibility. This is just a simple endeavour to explaining its nitty-gritty —

A Case Of Nux Vomica

nux vomica

Words: Dr Christine LASCHKOLNIG People who represent the homeopathic Nux vomica personality, or archetype, are full of anger and rage. Their environment often suffers under their repelling and offensive behaviour — of critically dredging up any mistake. Like the slightest draft causes a cold, also the slightest objection, or dissent, causes an outburst of anger.

Natrum Muriaticum For Grief

Natrum Muriaticum

Words: Dr Christine LASCHKOLNIG Many people cannot get over bad experiences. They also carry them within — sometimes for their whole life. It is impossible for them to forgive and forget. They are haunted by buried and repressed events that push to the surface again and again. Painful memories rooted in childhood occupy the innermost

Easing Bottled-Up Emotions

Words: Dr Christine LASCHKOLNIG The body reflects our temperament; choleric personalities, who explode like volcanoes, develop illnesses that have a sudden and acute onset. Individuals who tend to withdraw from the world and suppress their emotions develop insidious and chronic diseases, as their body is too weak to fight disease-causing circumstances, for example, with an

Two Cases Of Calcarea


Words: Dr Christine LASCHKOLNIG I present two classical cases, where the homeopathic Calcarea carbonicum ‘personality,’ in children, was evident. The remedy was, therefore, prescribed — with good effect. Here’s a summary. Calcarea carbonicum seems more than an anachronism in our fast-moving world — in our two case examples, children who need their time, who can’t

Good Health Is Made Of These

Good Health

Words: Dr Christine LASCHKOLNIG Let’s change perspective: disease prevention from a holistic perspective is the promotion of health. In this sense it applies to our life 24 hours a day. There are many factors that contribute to a healthy body and soul. Hippocrates [460-375 BC], the father of medicine, taught: “Regularity in life is a

Anger & Homeopathy: The Storm Calmed

 Words: Dr Christine LASCHKOLNIG Anger has many faces — homeopathy offers a variety of ‘angry’ remedies to manage it. In my first consultation I find out how my patients deal with anger. Most of them feel it, but do not have enough energy to express it; others tell me about the violent tantrums that surface

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