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ThinkWellness360.com is a reliable ‘4-in-1’ hub — mind, body, spirit, and holistic living — to seeking holistic health and wellness information and guidance, where health and wellness connect to each other seamlessly; also completely.

A sound mind in a sound body, and vice versa, is an age-old aphorism — not subject to change. Or, so one thought, until the other day…

Blame it on the advent of a plethora of changes in lifestyle and, most importantly, diet in every society across the world, and you’ve a whole new canvas of health-consciousness lost and also found.

The upshot is apparent. People are getting increasingly eager to learn and use good health practices within the framework of not only conventional wisdom, but also knowledge outside of it.

A novel sign of the times, you may well say. Inference: more and more people want reliable information — information they can trust — on optimal health and wellness. Not just ‘quick-fixes.’

Why ThinkWellness360?

Articles on health, medicine, and so on, for the health-conscious reader, are dime a dozen. They provide loads of information, yes — but, not what most people want. Besides, the trouble with most is: they seem to offer the easiest of solutions to the most complex of problems, including an inclination to giving ‘off-hand’ prescriptions — and, ‘glorified’ cures.

Not a good thing, you’d agree. It is precisely in this connection that ThinkWellness360 scores a valid, striking point.

ThinkWellness360 empowers its readers to take care of their health and wellness in the best manner possible and address health issues that may emerge out of the blue just as promptly and with the right, also practical, approach by means of the most appropriate medical care in the given context — without prejudice.

ThinkWellness360, a web-based publication, or e-magazine, is based on the right to health information, for everyone, in a manner that is easily comprehensible, reliable, and designed to have a long shelf-life, good reading value, and also recall.

It’s a publication you’d, as a reader, advertiser, and sponsor, can tangibly trust — and, also grow with.


ThinkWellness360’s focus is intensely linked to natural health — complementary and alternative medicine [CAM], particularly Ayurveda, homeopathy, nutrition, and holistic living, and the rapidly-expanding area of integrative medicine, aside from psychological and spiritual wellness.


ThinkWellness360 stands out in terms of its quality editorial content and reliability. It also has a slick, sophisticated look, feel and design — a healthy and wholesome treat for the mind, body and soul.


ThinkWellness360 is loaded with features on health, wellness, medicine, music, meditation, books, movies and leisure, not to speak of diet and nutrition, mindfulness, relationships, speciality articles, columns, etc., — aside from the point-of-view of complementary, alternative and integrative medicine.

All articles, essays, critiques, and meditations, in ThinkWellness360, are written by top doctors, therapists, medical, health, wellness professionals and writers. They conform to high-quality standards — not off-hand, pontificating, easy-to-use, or ‘DIY-kit’ for every problem, or illness.

ThinkWellness360‘s aim is keyed, no less, to provide the best possible information for the reader to judge what may be, or is, good, from a practical standpoint, and enable them to lead vibrant, healthy, productive lives and/or seek guidance from a system, or specialist doctor, best suited to address a given health problem, or issue.

A Holistic Avenue for Advertisers

ThinkWellness360 is holistic in its outlook and reach. Result: advertisers and sponsors from every branch of the health and wellness industry will find the right avenue through it — to promote their products and services. From complementary and alternative medicine [CAM], nutritional supplements, speciality preparations, over-the-counter [OTC], beauty, and lifestyle products, to books and wellness-centric music and video releases.

Thanks for your patience.
Welcome aboard — and, be a part of a whole, new health and wellness movement, TODAY!

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