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We’d love to hear from you, our readers and friends, but we seldom answer ‘hate mail’ — unless it’s really smart.

For all general feedback, press and product inquiries, technical issues, compliments, kudos, or queries that are just not easy to shed light upon, and so on and so forth, e-mail us at:

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info [@] thinkwellness360. [com]

Article Submissions

We are constantly looking for articles on integrative, complementary and alternative medicine [CAM], Ayurveda, homeopathy, nutrition, health, wellness, mind/body/spirit, or any other subject that reflects the spirit of our publication.

So, send in yours!

But, please note, we do not read submissions sent as attached files. In fact, they are purged even before we see them. Forget about reading them. As far as we know, they were never sent.

Copy your text and paste it into your e-mail; do not attach any files.

We repeat because most people actually hop this part. Well, if you send us your submission as a file attached to your e-mail, it will immediately be deleted and will never reach us. Simple.

Now, on to step two. We only consider articles, essays, critiques, and meditations [written, in UK English] that have not been previously published anywhere else [including your blog] and are not present in the submission line-up with another publication.

You should include your article by pasting it in the body of your e-mail [sorry to repeat, again], along with a brief description of the piece, and your credentials to writing it. Please also include your short bio [35-40 words], colour headshot photograph [.jpeg], contact information, and anything you feel we should know.

We do not respond to all queries, and unfortunately cannot accept all articles.

Articles submitted and accepted are subject to edits — to fit our editorial format. The obligation is on the writer/author to send us good, clean proofread copy with facts doubly checked, along with a note stating that it is free from any breach of copyright. Else, we will simply not publish them, howsoever good they may be in their content and/or information.

[Note: If you’d like to be featured in ‘Face of the Fortnight’ and ‘Reader’s Story,’ please respond to the set of questions asked, and e-mail them to us {in the body of the e-mail, not as attachment} with your colour photograph [preferably in high-resolution .jpg format].

E-mail your submission/s to:

editorial [@] thinkwellness360. [com]