Two Cases Of Calcarea


Words: Dr Christine LASCHKOLNIG

I present two classical cases, where the homeopathic Calcarea carbonicum ‘personality,’ in children, was evident. The remedy was, therefore, prescribed — with good effect. Here’s a summary.

Calcarea carbonicum seems more than an anachronism in our fast-moving world — in our two case examples, children who need their time, who can’t walk within ten months, nor speak within two years. Also, children who simply need time and space for their development — something that is really scarce in our age. They challenge us to reconsider our current concept of time, as they do not conform to stereotypical patterns, resist excessive demands and mental overload, and abide by their own pace, regardless of any consequences.

Such children have to be protected for quite a long time. The demands of today are too much for them, and the hectic pace just does not suit them. Calcarea carbonicum is made of oyster shell. So, these children love to stay home in their four walls [feast on wafers, or chips], where they do not have to cope with the hustle and bustle of the external environment. They need the protective shell of their home, more physical contact than others, and usually cling to their soother.


Before. “The boy is extremely susceptible to infectious illnesses, cries a lot without saying anything. If he weeps, he really blusters into it without explaining why. He even cries, when he doesn’t know what to have for breakfast. He is often desperate. He suffers daily from abdominal pains and does not like to get up. But despite getting enough sleep, he is always tired, and sometimes sleeps in on school days. Everything is too much for him — also, too quick and challenging. He is often scared in situations where there is no obvious danger. He has no confidence in himself, for he is scared of doing things wrong. He often gets angry, makes a great fuss about it, and drums and kicks against the door. It gets hard to calm him down. He attracts illnesses like a lodestone. He often starts up from sleep with nightmares. He shows a remarkable appetite for eggs and salt, which he could devour in huge quantities.”

Homeopathic treatment. The boy is prescribed Calcarea carbonicum.

After. “The boy is really much better. He is more calm, balanced and joyful. The aggression is visibly reduced, and he no longer suffers from nightmares. He is more patient than ever, more perseverant and focused in drawing and playing. He’s learnt to swim. He only wanted to be able to swim before, but it did not work. His appetite is much better; his craving for salt has decreased and he does not eat eggs anymore. Also, his weariness has become less.”

Report from school. “He has become a different child; he is cheerful and is making great progress. He shows more courage and has started to believe in himself. Also, his frustration tolerance is higher.”


Before. “A worried mother brings her six-month-old girl suffering from myelitis [inflamed bone marrow) with tenderness to touch, pains, and impaired mobility, and a visible swelling on the upper right arm.

Conventional medicine prescribed one year of continuous treatment with antibiotics. After one, or two, weeks of medication the digestive system responded with violent diarrhoea, and homeopathy seemed to be the best hope.

Homeopathic treatment: “I could perceive clearly the remedy picture of Calcarea carbonicum in the girl. Antibiotics were discontinued; the general state improved; the pains and swelling disappeared rather quickly. Now and then symptoms sparked up briefly, but soon subsided after repeated intake of the remedy.

After. The girl is now nine years old, the inflammation has never occurred again, and her development is fine. In the event of infectious illnesses, Calcarea carbonicum is repeatedly taken in increased potencies — with good effect.

Dr CHRISTINE LASCHKOLNIG, MD, grew up in Völkermarkt, a little town in Carinthia, Austria. She started her second-chance education by attending evening classes in Berlin, where she passed her Abitur, the German matriculation exam. Next, she studied medicine in Vienna with the firm intention of devoting herself to alternative methods of healing. In 1984, while she was still studying, she started to work under the guidance of Professor Dr Mathias Dorcsi — the founder of the Viennese School of Homeopathy — at the hospital in Lainz [Vienna]. For five years she attended the qualification seminars for homeopathy in Baden, near Vienna, following which she continued her homeopathic studies with renowned homeopathic teachers in the US and elsewhere. Website:

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