Birth Traumata

Words: Dr Christine LASCHKOLNIG 

The circumstances of delivery have an important impact on our development. Dr Stanislav Grof, MD, PhD, the famous Czech psychiatrist, realised how much the process of delivery influences our life. Difficult deliveries especially shape our body, mind, and soul.

I had the chance to observe this in a patient. She got stuck in the birth canal, and it took a long time for her to get out. Both she and her mother were traumatised. The shock and paralysis were frozen into her body. She suffered her whole life from the feeling of being stuck and paralysed in her decisions, and unable to move.

The Healing Process With Homeopathy 

Before Treatment

In the patient’s own words: “My birth was difficult and took very long. My mother was weak and told me that she felt paralysed. Now, it is me who has that paralysed feeling. I have no energy. My life is stagnating. I feel like I am carrying a huge weight on my back.” 

After Treatment

In the patient’s own words: “I feel light and free, the weight on my back is gone.”

Even after many years, or decades, the suitable homeopathic remedy allowed recovery from the shock and paralysis. This is how the vital energy that had been locked by the birth trauma can finally be lived.

My Own Story 

“I almost fell out onto the stairs of the hospital. My mother barely managed to enter the labour room, and ten minutes later I was there. I still have to take care not to take the second step before the first. I have a strong tendency not to approach new things slowly and carefully, but to jump right in. This can be good, or bad — depending on the situation.”

In my homeopathic practice, driven by the gleeful anticipation of a quick and effective response, I am tempted to prescribe high potencies right after the first consultation. Sometimes that works out perfectly fine, and sometimes I have to step back a little, to allow my patients enough time and space for their healing process and not to block their way with my expectations.

My long years of practice have taught me to see patience as a virtue.

Dr CHRISTINE LASCHKOLNIG, MD, grew up in Völkermarkt, a little town in Carinthia, Austria. She started her second-chance education by attending evening classes in Berlin, where she passed her Abitur, the German matriculation exam. Next, she studied medicine in Vienna with the firm intention of devoting herself to alternative methods of healing. In 1984, while she was still studying, she started to work under the guidance of Professor Dr Mathias Dorcsi — the founder of the Viennese School of Homeopathy — at the hospital in Lainz [Vienna]. For five years she attended the qualification seminars for homeopathy in Baden, near Vienna, following which she continued her homeopathic studies with renowned homeopathic teachers in the US and elsewhere. Website:

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