A Case Of Nux Vomica

nux vomica

Words: Dr Christine LASCHKOLNIG

People who represent the homeopathic Nux vomica personality, or archetype, are full of anger and rage. Their environment often suffers under their repelling and offensive behaviour — of critically dredging up any mistake.

Like the slightest draft causes a cold, also the slightest objection, or dissent, causes an outburst of anger. Minute ailments render them nervous and irritable, and they hardly can bear pain. With their oversensitivity to all external influences, they react impatiently and spitefully to minor disturbances.

Their anger seems to be out of control when it arises, but it is checked if they have the feeling that expressing it may demonstrate weakness. Above all, when their anger is directed towards authority, or influential figures, they perceive any emotional expression as a deficiency and, therefore, suppress it. The body responds with digestive disorders and constipation alternating with diarrhoea.

What is well-hidden from the external world is their fear and panic — they underlie their anger. The slightest noise, at night, startles them, while fear of failure at work makes them break out into a sweat, just as much as the thought of disease and death makes their heart race.

The case — in the patient’s own words. 

Before. “I am an absolutely healthy person — as long as they leave me alone. It makes my skin crawl when I meet my brother-in-law. It turns me inside out —I really loathe him. He is too stupid for me. I don’t like that kind of people. They are so tiring. I explode in anger, get bright red — then withdraw out of reach. I get stubborn and don’t talk anymore. If anybody starts to tell untruths, I cut them down to size. I want to leave — for weeks, or even for months.” 

Physical symptoms: Varices, asthma, allergy. Skin: red, rough, coarse, knotty, weeping and itching.

The patient was prescribed Nux vomica 30C. Here’s her own assessment, post-treatment. 

After. “I am now more calm and serene. I no longer suffer so much from my ailments. Occasionally, they are even gone. I am extremely confident and happy that somebody lends me an ear. I do away with my past, and don’t take things that seriously. At a party I laughed so much that everybody said I have changed. I walk underneath a huge shield. I feel like I am on another star — everything bounces back. Nobody can get to me.”

“I keep people who I cannot stand at a distance. I have as much vigour as a boxer in the ring. I’ve never before had the power and courage to act against my brother-in-law. I am surprised at myself — I don’t know what has happened to me. I prefer to tell somebody the truth on their face and say my bit rather than always sneaking about. I notice increasingly that I have become healthier and more cheerful. I no longer get angry and I feel distinctively better than last year.” 

Physical symptoms: “I can walk faster now. I can even run up the stairs — I wasn’t able to do that before.”

The skin has healed well.

Dr CHRISTINE LASCHKOLNIG, MD, grew up in Völkermarkt, a little town in Carinthia, Austria. She started her second-chance education by attending evening classes in Berlin, where she passed her Abitur, the German matriculation exam. Next, she studied medicine in Vienna with the firm intention of devoting herself to alternative methods of healing. In 1984, while she was still studying, she started to work under the guidance of Professor Dr Mathias Dorcsi — the founder of the Viennese School of Homeopathy — at the hospital in Lainz [Vienna]. For five years she attended the qualification seminars for homeopathy in Baden, near Vienna, following which she continued her homeopathic studies with renowned homeopathic teachers in the US and elsewhere. Website: https://www.laschkolnig.com

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