Natrum Muriaticum For Grief

Natrum Muriaticum

Words: Dr Christine LASCHKOLNIG

Many people cannot get over bad experiences. They also carry them within — sometimes for their whole life. It is impossible for them to forgive and forget. They are haunted by buried and repressed events that push to the surface again and again.

Painful memories rooted in childhood occupy the innermost self. Their repression absorbs energy — energy that is then lacking somewhere else.

The intensity of the pain is independent most of the time; sometimes childhood events that happened 40-50 years ago are present as if they had happened just yesterday. It is a truly deep experience for me when emotions — that have occupied space in the innermost self for years, or even decades — come to light in the first consultation.

Homeopathic Remedy Example

The homeopathic remedy, Natrum muriaticum, or Natrum chloratum, is derived from common salt.

It is a remedy for people who carry grief and disappointments experienced in the past. Years later, when asked about former disappointments, these people can burst into tears. Their thoughts spin around negative experiences; their general mood is desperate and hopeless. The emotions are frozen and immobile, like set in stone. Each single disappointment is etched on the memory — dried out and crusted. The inner self of a Natrum muriaticum person feels like dried salt crystals — hard and edgy. They are often painfully aware of their lack of confidence and dedication to life and creation.

Grief and sorrow prepare the soil for chronic diseases. In analogy to withheld emotions, skin and mucous membranes are dry, and digestion is slowed down and restrained. Ingestion is often too much for the body — it responds with fatigue that only eases with progressed digestion. The joints lose their flexibility, and hurt, especially in cold, damp weather.

Natrum muriaticum persons often lack red blood cells, look pale and have a depleted immune system. Hands and feet are cold — despite their sensitivity to cold, they often cannot endure sun and develop complaints. The body is too weak to enjoy the sun.

Healing Process


Before. “I am never really ill, but constantly a bit. In my childhood I felt lonely. From the age of eight, I had to work in my parents’ trade. I was never able to have my way and by the age of 13, I decided to leave. Until today I feel frustrated about my bleak childhood. I am listless, tired and weary. I cry all the time and don’t know why. I feel ugly and can’t manage my daily routine. I am on the ground, like an abandoned, little animal that has been left in the rain.”

Dreams. “I am in a situation with no way out and have the feeling I can’t change a thing.”

Physical symptoms. Strong acne, irregular menses, headaches, migraine with nausea and vomiting.

After: “I am much happier with everything, as if a load has been taken off my mind. I take things easy. I can leave my past behind and do not want to suffer anymore. I am emotionally fine, calmer, stronger, and have more energy. I jog regularly. And, I can put a stop to something that does me no good.”

Dreams. “I do no longer startle up from sleep due to terrifying dreams.”

Physical symptoms. Ever since the administration of the homeopathic remedy [Natrum muriaticum], the menstruation cycle is on schedule.


Before. “My father neglected me, and I condemned my mother because she did not stand up to him. I felt guilty for being a burden on her. For a long time, I was scared of myself — what was so different about me? If I walk through the room, something terrible will happen. I am scared that I won’t manage my life. As a child I never had friends. It was always hard for me to get in touch with people. It is life-threatening to show myself. I am not allowed to have any needs. I attract negativity — I then magnify the problem until the next disappointment comes along. I don’t get enough love, empathy and attention. I don’t have any discipline; I am lazy and constantly distracted. I cannot do anything; and I am not good enough.”

Dream. “I am on the run and threatened by snakes.”

Dream [in first night after the homeopathic remedy [Natrum muriaticum]: “I feel lonely, nobody likes me, and I feel like a little child.”

After. “I try to cope with my disappointments in a different way. Now I can perceive my own share and my negative thoughts. A window opened. And, also physically I am rounder.”


Before. “Others always make fun of me. I cry a lot. I feel helpless and defenceless. All insults are stored inside. I feel chained up in this despair.”

After. “The homeopathic remedy [Natrum muriaticum] helped me to find some confidence in myself. I am more eloquent than before. And, it is no longer so easy to annoy me. My inner storehouse is filled with joy.”

Dr CHRISTINE LASCHKOLNIG, MD, grew up in Völkermarkt, a little town in Carinthia, Austria. She started her second-chance education by attending evening classes in Berlin, where she passed her Abitur, the German matriculation exam. Next, she studied medicine in Vienna with the firm intention of devoting herself to alternative methods of healing. In 1984, while she was still studying, she started to work under the guidance of Professor Dr Mathias Dorcsi — the founder of the Viennese School of Homeopathy — at the hospital in Lainz [Vienna]. For five years she attended the qualification seminars for homeopathy in Baden, near Vienna, following which she continued her homeopathic studies with renowned homeopathic teachers in the US and elsewhere. Website:

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