The How & What Of Homeopathy

Words: Dr Deborah OLENEV Homeopathy is a holistic system of medicine founded by Dr Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, who revealed this beautiful healing art to the world in 1810 in his book, Organon of Medicine. It has certain fundamental therapeutic principles. Homeopathic remedies are tested on healthy people in highly dilute potentised form,

The Chai Saga

Words: Paribha VASHIST First, some food for thought: is there a commodity that unquestionably symbolises the true amalgamation of Indian history, diversity, and popular culture, in all-in-one form? Pat yourself on the back, if your guess is the Indian masala chai [or, simply chai] — a piping hot concoction of aromatic spices and saccharine milk in one cup.

How To Turn Wi-Fi Off On Your Cell Phone & Connect It To Ethernet

Words: Dr Deborah OLENEV You need a Powerline box. This is a fantastic discovery. People learned that the Ethernet signal can travel along the house electrical wires. Ethernet cables are not necessary to bring Ethernet to a room. If you have your house already wired for Ethernet, you don’t need this; but, if you do

Dynamic Balance & Homeopathy

Words: Dr Rajgopal NIDAMBOOR Our body functions with a dynamic balance. It is this balance that helps direct all functions of life. This is called homeostasis. In other words, keeping things static or constant. Our body is somewhat like a spinning wheel. So long as it is spinning, or working, dynamically, all our body systems

The Psyche In Homeopathy

Words: Dr Misha NORLAND Empirically-based research is relied upon as being the soundest scientific method for testing out theories and for distinguishing between conjecture and reality. In the case of demonstrating homeopathy’s efficacy, this is upheld as the gold standard, and it does reveal both the ‘like cures like’ principle and the potentised dose’s effectiveness.

Not Your Fault When You Can’t Remember

Words: Drs Thor GRÜNBAUM & Dr Søren KYLLINGSBÆK Most of us have experienced the embarrassment of forgetting to do that important thing we promised someone we would. Sometimes you did everything you could to remember, yet it still slipped your mind. Our new research could hold the explanation. No matter how hard you try to

Homeopathic Education Needs A New Perestroika-2

Words: Dr Douglas FALKNER There ought to be a ‘clear perception,’ as Dr Samuel Hahnemann, MD, the founder of homeopathy, writes about, in order to be of highest service. This must be derived from a refined amalgam of mind and heart. In matters of true import, the mind was not meant to function in isolation.

Homeopathic Education Needs A New Perestroika-1

Words: Dr Douglas FALKNER For decades, homeopathy has been undergoing a kind of renaissance, whereby homeopathic academicians attempt to bring clarity and order to the complexity of modern-day homeopathy.  In an effort to refine and build upon Dr Samuel Hahnemann’s teachings, leaders in homeopathic education are advancing new systems and methods all the time. Such

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