How To Turn Wi-Fi Off On Your Cell Phone & Connect It To Ethernet

Words: Dr Deborah OLENEV

You need a Powerline box. This is a fantastic discovery. People learned that the Ethernet signal can travel along the house electrical wires. Ethernet cables are not necessary to bring Ethernet to a room. If you have your house already wired for Ethernet, you don’t need this; but, if you do not, it can save your family thousands of dollars.

My house is wired for Ethernet, but my children’s houses are not, so I bought them Powerline boxes as a gift. Here is a link to the Netgear Powerline 2000, which is what I bought for them. This comes as a set of two boxes. You put one box next to the modem, and the second box wherever you want the signal to come to you. You just plug it in the wall socket and it delivers the Wi-Fi signal to that location.

You’d need Cat6 Ethernet cables to connect the box to your device. These are available in many different lengths.

You also need an adapter to connect the end of the Ethernet cables to your device. You have to determine what type of adapter you need. I have an Android phone. The type of adapter that works for my phone is a USB-C Thunderbolt to Ethernet Adapter. The adapter connection should look just like what you use to charge your phone; and, it fits into the same slot.

Now, that you have the equipment, all you have to do is go to settings on your cell phone and turn Wi-Fi and mobile data off. You now have a wired connection to your cell phone, and you will not be exposed to the damaging effects of Wi-Fi radiation while you talk on the phone,

Things You Can Do To Minimise Wi-Fi Exposure In Your Home

One day, I was sitting on my couch in the living room, watching a homeopathy webinar and I noticed I wasn’t feeling good. I thought this was strange. Why so? I felt like ‘what is it I was doing,’ when I was exposed to Wi-Fi. I looked at my modem, and the Faraday cage, with which I put my modem in, was not there. That’s why I wasn’t feeling well. I was sitting too close to the modem. I searched for the Faraday cage and put the modem in it and I felt better. This made me realise how crucially important it is to maintain a good distance from the modem, and to put it in a Faraday cage for safeguarding your health from the damaging effects of radiation.

My recommendation is not to use the standard all-in-one Modem-Router that Internet providers want you to use. The reason for this is that the radiation levels from them are awfully high.

The router I use is a JRS Eco 100. Here is what they say about it on their Website: “This low EMF router has a 90 per cent reduced pulse frequency compared to ordinary Wi-Fi routers. And, there’s more. The unique JRS Eco 100 enables a full-eco standby mode with measurably zero Wi-Fi radiation, when no wireless devices are connected. The router switches the wireless signal back on immediately when you re-enable Wi-Fi on your device. It’s wireless on demand.” I use this with Ethernet — not with the Wi-Fi on.

You’d put your modem and router on a power strip and turn them off at night. You’d find that this improves the quality of sleep of the people in your home significantly.

Turn your telephone off too when you are charging it; and, don’t charge the phone in your bedroom.

The next thing is how do you carry your cell phone. I see many beautiful young men and women walking around with their phones connected snugly against their back pockets, or right against their hearts. It is suggested that there is a connection between cell phone use and the risk of cancer — although some people believe there is no such connection. It is better to err on the side of caution and not wear cell phones against your body and minimise their use. It is ‘freeing’ to leaving your cell phone at home when you go for a walk. This way you can pay attention to nature, instead of your cell phone.

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Dr DEBORAH OLENEV, CCH, RSHom [NA], is a Classical Homeopath based in Mountain View, California, US. She treats people from all over the world via phone and video conferencing. Dr Olenev has had a passion for homeopathy for nearly forty years and has been in private practice since 1991. She has a vast knowledge of homeopathic Materia Medica, and integrates homeopathy with herbal medicine too. She is the owner of First Aid Cream, where she teaches about and sells homeopathic first-aid creams. She has several years of experience treating autistic children and people of all ages for all manner of health conditions.

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