Move The Mountain Stalling Your Mind

Words: Dr Rajgopal NIDAMBOOR No one is exempt from stress, difficulties, or adversities. Such pressures help us to learn and know ourselves. We evolve, or grow, to reach a new level from them. Yet, most of us like to play the role of a victim to perfection. We crave for sympathy and overstate things to

Managing Disappointments

Words: Rajgopal NIDAMBOOR Picture this. When something goes wrong, somewhere, or when someone does not meet, or live up to our belief and/or fails to fulfil our trust and confidence. The parallels have one common thread running through — disappointment. Disappointments can occur at any point in time — age, or maturity, being no bar.

Needle Healing

Words: Dr Rajgopal NIDAMBOOR The Chinese, the good, old wise folk from the Orient, have created a perestroika of sorts. They have begun to use acupuncture treatment to cure stroke victims, among other conditions. The big question. What makes needle therapy so unique, effective and, sometimes, an awe to modern scientific thought? Wait a moment.


Words: Dr Rajgopal NIDAMBOOR Sadness and other negative feelings are all normal reactions to a serious loss and/or tragic event. Also, everyone suffers, now and then, from a mild case of ‘blues.’ Medical research says that there may be a biochemical foundation to such responses. Or, depression, the topic in question, may be ‘biologically- or

Soul Melodies

Words: Dr Rajgopal NIDAMBOOR When we repel our emotions routinely, we disrupt our self-esteem’s applecart. When we, likewise, suppress our emotions, we also lose our touch with our inner self, including the capability to ‘reflect’ with our soul. It is, after all, our soul that makes us human. You and I become empathetic only when

All About Diabetes

Words: Dr Rajgopal NIDAMBOOR Diabetes means different things to different people. For some, it is a disease that affects kids. For others, it is something that affects people who are overweight, or fat. It may also, for some people, be something they would never ever get affected with. “It can’t happen to me.” For others,

Career Intelligence

Words: Dr Rajgopal NIDAMBOOR Success, as Herman Cain, the American businessman and activist, once said, is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. Intelligence, likewise, is not just a question of destiny. Raising the coffee cup to one’s lips is

Mind It To Mend It

Words: Dr Rajgopal NIDAMBOOR Mindfulness is about guiding our attention inwards, in the present moment, and relating to the sensations we are feeling, and what thoughts and emotions we’re going through. When diversions occur — a child crying, or TV jabbering, a bird singing, a new recollection surfacing — we just let them go. The

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