The Chai Saga

Words: Paribha VASHIST First, some food for thought: is there a commodity that unquestionably symbolises the true amalgamation of Indian history, diversity, and popular culture, in all-in-one form? Pat yourself on the back, if your guess is the Indian masala chai [or, simply chai] — a piping hot concoction of aromatic spices and saccharine milk in one cup.

The Secret Life Of Trees

Words: Paribha VASHIST In our foundational biology lessons, in school, we are introduced to plant physiology. On an average, therefore, all of us are aware of the fact that green plants photosynthesise to sustain themselves and carry out specific biological processes to maintain their metabolic balance. But, does this way of looking at plant life

Millets: Return Of The Native

Words: Paribha VASHIST The most pressing issue today is rural-urban dichotomy, more so with regard to nutritional intake. It is a fact too that urbanisation and globalisation have ruffled the dynamics. Now, the problem of malnutrition pervades all settings — what’s more, market-driven forces seem to only exacerbate the whole issue, from the ground up.

‘Gaming:’ Back To The Future

Words: Paribha VASHIST Playing hopscotch, a decade ago, was the norm — and, maintaining a ‘stones’ repository and collecting chalks and bricks to draw symmetrical boxes on rugged surfaces were prerequisites. Every day, at a set time, in the evening, we would ecstatically jump from one box to another — cautiously avoiding the drawn boundaries.

Microbes: More Than Meets The Eye

Words: Paribha VASHIST Many infectious, or contagious, diseases have emanated for long, but their scale and spread have been relatively localised. It was possible to effectively handle such epidemics because of the availability of medicines and vaccines. However, the newest tempest, coronavirus [COVID-19], presents a novel challenge altogether. It was declared as a global pandemic by the World Health Organisation [WHO];

How To Use Humour To Beat Stress

Words: Paribha VASHIST Whether in school, college, or 9 to 5 job, we’re all bombarded with last-minute tests, assignments, and deadlines. So, it is a ‘common shock’ that we take a few seconds to fathom, and, in the next moment, insurmountable pressure builds up. Scary thoughts, such as “What if I fail?” or “How will

Working With Emotional Intelligence


Words: Paribha VASHIST Most of us think that being intelligent guarantees success in life. There is, ironically, a hazy ambiguity in the idea, yes, because it isn’t easy to define ‘intelligence’ and ‘success.’ When we talk of intelligence, it is generally keyed to intelligence quotient [IQ] — the ‘measured’ credo of our reasoning ability. However,

Go With The Flow

Go With The Flow

Words: Paribha VASHIST A question has intrigued philosophers since the dawn of time, “What constitutes a ‘good life’?” Socrates and Plato emphasised on righteousness and moral ethics. While Epicurus believed that experiencing pleasure was tantamount to being happy, Aristotle proposed a ‘middle path’ that integrated moral values with material well-being. For Aristotle, a good life

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