Homeopathic Education Needs A New Perestroika-2

Words: Dr Douglas FALKNER There ought to be a ‘clear perception,’ as Dr Samuel Hahnemann, MD, the founder of homeopathy, writes about, in order to be of highest service. This must be derived from a refined amalgam of mind and heart. In matters of true import, the mind was not meant to function in isolation.

Homeopathic Education Needs A New Perestroika-1

Words: Dr Douglas FALKNER For decades, homeopathy has been undergoing a kind of renaissance, whereby homeopathic academicians attempt to bring clarity and order to the complexity of modern-day homeopathy.  In an effort to refine and build upon Dr Samuel Hahnemann’s teachings, leaders in homeopathic education are advancing new systems and methods all the time. Such

Homeopathy Saves Bob

Words: Dr Douglas FALKNER   The miracles and power of homeopathy never cease to amaze me. As an emergency medicine physician-turned homeopath, with many years’ experience in a Level I Trauma Center, I have always been acutely aware of the life-saving capabilities of conventional Western medicine. Emergency physicians confront and successfully manage life-threatening problems on

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