The 10-Gaffe Trap

Words: Nelressa STALLINGS-FAYE You always thought that getting along famously with women was easy — or, too difficult. Either way, you are right — because, it takes more than a man and woman to get a relationship going.  This is just one part of the story. The other — the most important — is the

Don’t Wait. Give

Words: Nelressa STALLINGS-FAYE I believe that some of our greatest works, or deeds, come from inclination. We use our mind to figure out things, balance our daily schedule, and so on. I also understand, as some people fervently do, there is enough space inside us, in our heart and mind, which may not always include

Intelligent Action

Words: Nelressa STALLINGS-FAYE It is important to make sure that you focus on your activity rather than expecting others to act for you, or change themselves. This is your reflective learning and, thus, only you have the responsibility for yourself, while others hold their own responsibilities and make their own choices. While studying for my

Believe In What You Emote

Words: Nelressa STALLINGS-FAYE Sometimes you cannot believe what you see, you have to believe what you feel. — Morrie Shwartz What is the greatest value you can achieve in your lifetime? Depending on one’s perspective, some of us might look to the question in different ways — what is the meaning of value, or success,

Ignite The Fire Within You

Words: Nelressa STALLINGS-FAYE A life coach is a professional consultant that provides encouragement and support to people and gives you back the power to be perfectly you. While travelling on your journey in life, we, life coaches, act as a liaison between you and what you would like to accomplish. We are different from any

Care & Take Care

Words: Nelressa Stallings-FAYE Are you taking care of a home-bound, or sick individual? It is a commendable, selfless act to put others before ourselves. The sick and elderly who need support depend on caretakers for companionship and comfort in times of sickness. But, who takes care of the caregiver? Caregivers are extraordinary people placed in extraordinary situations to take

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