Ignite The Fire Within You

Words: Nelressa STALLINGS-FAYE

A life coach is a professional consultant that provides encouragement and support to people and gives you back the power to be perfectly you. While travelling on your journey in life, we, life coaches, act as a liaison between you and what you would like to accomplish.

We are different from any therapist — the answers lay within you. We do not push our own advice, or thoughts on you. Life coaches support your decisions during the process with openness in a loving environment. They are non-judgmental. We can offer constructive criticism, if asked, but unlike a therapist we know truly where the answers are. We understand that the answers are within you. A life coach will help bring out your highest potential and help you during your life changing process with sensitivity and intuitiveness. Clients possibly are aware of their potential, but have not tapped into it yet; or, maybe, it is hidden deep within. A first time free counselling session will help you see what you might have been missing. We write down each of your thoughts and no idea, or question, is considered silly or outrageous — as some loved ones may say. We encourage you to make god-like wishes. We were put on this earth to create, form and expand along with the universe, so dream and fly as high as your imagination takes you. You deserve it to yourself. We will help to make those dreams a reality.

Getting unstuck. In some cultures, our loved ones may have taught us to take only one path in life, the one they have chosen for us. But, what if the divine providence has offered many other great blessings that are not being used? People of the world are like an enormous puzzle and each person may have the missing link that fits perfectly in this world. But, if you only listen to others and not your own intuition, the puzzle can never be put together. When we follow our own instincts the world becomes a wonderful joyride of serendipity. By chance you meet like-minded individuals, or circumstances in a positive way, free from resistance along your life journey. Naturally, life will bring its own challenges, but if we prepare ourselves to follow the flow of life we can be ready for those challenges and face them head on, ready, and spiritually open. Life coaching helps you to reach this potential.

In a truly organic fashion we provide assistance to all types of people and situations. For example, a housewife who wants to start her own business, a tenured professor looking for adventure in a new country, a shy student who wants to become an English teacher, a seasoned journalist fearful of the job market and tries her hand at a new career, a small town girl wanting to move to the big city — what they all have in common is that they want to take a chance on life, but are not sure how to start, or might not have the support at home.  A life coach helps guide you through each step and maps out the best route for you to take. We hold you accountable for what you say you want in life. The client is the first priority and the life coach facilitates the process and works as the liaison between your goals and you.

Time is not rigid. How long the process takes is entirely up to the client and what they would like to achieve. Not all, but a few people can get wrapped up in the joy of having a coach and may become too dependent on their coach. At this point, we try to patiently speak with clients about their proposed date of completion to slowly reduce sessions when we see they are ready. A good coach realises clients will not need them forever, but just to get over the large hump in the way of life.

Most clients are fully empowered towards the end of their process and show great transformations in their life. Some have even stated that they have upgraded into a higher version of their former selves. They completed their goals and are uplifted, spiritually full, excited about life and what it offers. Most importantly, they realise what they can offer life, not what life is offering them. The feeling of taking on any challenge is common because they have finally accomplished a major step that seemed unachievable months prior. Some people are amazed by results, because they might have lived with a feeling of shame, no accomplishment, mediocrity, or just plain stuck all their lives until they found a coach. By the end of sessions, clients take full control and sometimes initiate what they will do next. We love this stage in the process because the client can see how far they’ve grown, take full responsibility and are refreshed with the positive change they have produced. We know they have successfully completed their sessions at this point.

We help ignite the fire within you. What is the next big challenge for you? Go ahead and allow yourself to dream big. Write down your top 3-5 goals that you would like to achieve. Remember nothing is too small, or too big. Let your thoughts do the talking while writing down your goals, but do not overthink it — be free.

  • Close your eyes slowly and just breathe in the feeling of accomplishment as if the words on the page have already been achieved
  • Try to visualise yourself in each action and see how that feels. Even if it feels funny, try it for a few minutes — ten minutes of sitting, breathing, and meditating about what you have written.

This is the beginning stage of igniting the fire with your soul. Draw all of your attention to the inner consciousness and allow yourself the time to play, or imagine your goals. Remember you deserve positive change — so, start your transformation today.

NELRESSA STALLINGS-FAYE, BA, MA, TESOL/TEFL/TOEFL, a former writer-copywriter-PR consultant, is US-certified and licensed K-12 educator, Cambridge certified lecturer, international administrative co-ordinator and research student from the University of Exeter. She currently works with the indigenous Yu’pik tribes in northern Alaska as a licensed educator and ESOL specialist.

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