The Love Lexicon Effect

Words: Dr Georgi GARDINER What is love? Could those feelings you label as love be something else? What about infatuation? Obsession? A passing fancy? Being smitten? Enthrallment? Beguilement? Lust? A crush? A squish? Platonic admiration? Why do people categorise some attachments as romantic love, but not others? Suppose Holly meets someone on vacation. They quickly become

The Brain & Body Symphony In Love

Words: Drs Theresa LARKIN & Susan J THOMAS Love dominates our popular culture and is the subject of countless songs, movies, and works of literature and art. But what’s happening in our body when we feel love? Love is difficult to define, but it can be described as an intense feeling of deep affection. At

Be A Better Friend To Yourself

Words: Yashi SRIVASTAVA  What comes to mind when you hear the word, ‘relationship?’ For most people, it brings up images of couples, families, or friends interacting with each other. That makes sense, considering relationships with other people are a big and an extremely important part of our lives and also well-being. However, I believe that

The Key To A Healthy, Happy Life

Words: Douglas BROOM Scientists say we’re all living longer which sounds like good news. But, the prospect of lifespans stretching to almost 100 years has prompted new worries about health, wealth and happiness in later life. A survey by the World Economic Forum and Mercer for their report, Living Longer, Better: Understanding Longevity Literacy, found

Overwhelmed By Group Chats: You’re Not Alone

Words: Dr Kate MANNELL For many of us, group chats are part of the texture of our social lives. These groups, formed on apps like Messenger, or WhatsApp, can be as large as a hundred people, or as small as three. We use them for organising one-off tasks, or events, managing recurring co-ordination between groups like sports

The 10-Gaffe Trap

Words: Nelressa STALLINGS-FAYE You always thought that getting along famously with women was easy — or, too difficult. Either way, you are right — because, it takes more than a man and woman to get a relationship going.  This is just one part of the story. The other — the most important — is the

Aristotle On Friendship

Words: Dr Emily KATZ While most love songs are inspired by the joys and heartaches of romantic relationships, love between friends can be just as intense and complicated. Many people struggle to make and maintain friendships, and a falling-out with a close friend can be as painful as a breakup with a partner. Despite these

How You Talk To Your Child Changes Their Brain

Words: Sophie HARDACH Most parents know that talking to their child helps them develop. But, a new study has revealed that it’s how you talk to your child that really matters for their brain growth. Rather than just spewing complex words at them, or showing flashcards in the hope of enriching their vocabulary, the key

Making Meaningful Connexions

Words: Dr Dave SMALLEN A woman and her fiancé joke and laugh together while playing video games after a long day. A college freshman interrupts verbal harassment aimed at a neighbour, who expresses gratitude as they walk home together. A man receives a phone call to confirm an appointment, and stumbles into a deep and

Don’t Wait. Give

Words: Nelressa STALLINGS-FAYE I believe that some of our greatest works, or deeds, come from inclination. We use our mind to figure out things, balance our daily schedule, and so on. I also understand, as some people fervently do, there is enough space inside us, in our heart and mind, which may not always include

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