The MSM Advantage

Words: Dr Rajgopal NIDAMBOOR Q: A friend of mine has been taking nutritional supplements for his joint and allied issues. He avers that they have helped him greatly. He suggested MSM for me — to addressing my wrist-related issue, or carpal tunnel syndrome. Please fill me with what’s MSM all about — to help me

Dealing With Pollution

Words: Dr Ryan N HARRISON  Q: ‘Pollution, pollution everywhere,’ but what to do is a big question today. Please suggest a few simple, also useful, measures that could help us all best. — NM, New Delhi A: The most immediate effects from indoor air pollutants may show up after a single exposure, or repeated exposures

When You Feel Like You’re Freaking

Q: I sometimes feel that I may freak out. Add to that my anxiety, or apprehension, and you have a classical case — of ‘me’ waking up at the middle of the night. Please suggest a homeopathic remedy that can work for me. — LJB, Bhubaneswar A: Certain homeopathic medicines have so many uses that

Breast Pain: When Even Hugs Hurt

Words: Dr Joette CALABRESE  Q: This is a woman-to-woman thing. Many of us would have at times avoided a nice, warm hug from a loved one, simply because our breasts were too tender — the diagnosis being mastalgia. Please let us know how homeopathy can help us to treat the problem — safely and gently. 

Homeopathy: Pioneering Facts

Words: Dr Narayan C DESHPANDE Q: My homeopathic doctor often tells me that homeopathy pioneered a host of ideas that are in vogue today and also celebrated for their wisdom. Could you please elaborate — with a few examples? — JK, New Delhi A: Homeopathy pioneered the research and treatment of allergies — to highlight

Homeopathy: Two Queries

Words: Dr Narayan C DESHPANDE  Q: Can homeopathic treatments be used alongside allopathic treatment; also, can we use homeopathy to self-treat at home?  — JR, Bhubaneswar  A: The old, or traditional homeopathic, view was they should not be used together, because homeopathy believes in the theory of suppression — through the use of certain conventional,

Music Heals

Words: Dr Rajgopal NIDAMBOOR Q: I’ve been reading, also watching video clips, on how music can heal, or the healing power of music.  I’d appreciate it if you’d separate the chaff from the grain, or the beat from the raga, as it were, and help me get a better perspective, also understanding, on the exciting

Ear Infection In Children

Words: Dr Naveen Kumar BOGGARAPU Question: My kid tends to suffer from frequent ear pain, or infection. I know of some of my relatives and friends’ kids being subject to such health issues too. Could you kindly let us know the basics of such problems and also how homeopathy can help? — B J, Nagpur

Curcumin For Viral Infections

Words: Dr Rajgopal NIDAMBOOR  Q: I’ve been reading with great interest the medicinal value of turmeric and also using it to fighting viral and other infections. That I was hooked to turmeric during the COVID-19 pandemic is obvious. Could you kindly distil the glut of information available on turmeric and make it simple for readers

Homeopathy: For Conjugal Bliss

Words: Dr Naveen Kumar BOGGARAPU Q: I’ve been told that homeopathy is safe and useful for erectile dysfunction [ED]. I’d appreciate it very much if you’d kindly advise. — LP, Kolkata Stress, tough work-life schedules, junk-food, sedentary habits and bioclocks gone ‘wide of the mark’ have led to a host of lifestyle diseases — big

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