Midlife Health: More Than Waist Size

Words: Prof Robert NEWTON You’re not in your 20s, or 30s, anymore and you know regular health checks are important. So you go to your GP. During the appointment they measure your waist. They might also check your weight. Looking concerned, they recommend some lifestyle changes. GPs and health professionals commonly measure waist circumference as a vital

Being Fit = Feeling Good

Words: Ruqayyah MOYNIHAN It’s clear exercise has health benefits both physical and mental — but what if we could actually prove it was more important to your mental health than your economic status? According to a study carried out by researchers at Yale and Oxford, we may have done just that. In the study, published

3 Tips To Keep Fit

Words: Dr Ian TAYLOR February. The month of shattered dreams and ambitions. The trainers are gathering dust and chocolate bars have replaced protein bars. The gusto with which we attacked our New Year resolutions is a vague memory. If your motivation to stick to your resolution to exercise more this year is waning, you’re not

The Morning Advantage

Words: Drs Logan PENDERGRAST & Juleen R ZIERATH When you’ve got a busy schedule, you may try to squeeze exercise in whenever you can. But there’s growing evidence that when you workout can make a difference to its effects. Our latest research shows that body fat reacts to exercise differently depending on the time of day —

For Diabetes

Words: Drs Mahesh B BORHADE & Shikha SINGH Diabetes mellitus leads to macrovascular and microvascular complications, resulting in life-threatening conditions. Exercise is considered an important therapeutic regimen for diabetes mellitus. Exercise in patients with diabetes mellitus promotes cardiovascular benefits by reducing cardiovascular risk and mortality; it also assists with weight management and improves glycaemic control.

Walking To School Keeps Kids Active

Words: Megan SCHUMANN “The walk to school is a wonderful moment in the day that provides children a glimpse of living an active lifestyle,” says Dr David Tulloch, PhD, a professor of landscape architecture at Rutgers-New Brunswick and co-author of the study in the journal Preventive Medicine Reports. “When people start walking early, it can

Weekend Workout: Does It Work

Words: Dr Peter SWOBODA Exercise is good for your overall health and your heart in particular. Guidelines recommend that we should be doing 150 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous activity a week. But, does it matter when you do this exercise? Should you spread it out in the week, or does it lose some of the benefit if you

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