Exercise Your Goals

Words: Team ThinkWellness360 

Think of exercise as a way to fitness and improved health — think also of it as a healthy, happy, and optimal habit which you need to tend and grow up with.

So, delve on the practical issues — not rippling muscles. Next, you need to set your goals — this will help clear your mind of imponderables. It will also help you visualise your ideal weight and challenge yourself to reach your goals with enthusiasm.

Have a good image of yourself, not what you look, right now, in the mirror — with a pot-bellied waistline. Or, ‘waste-line.’


Don’t expect to turnaround your actual image, overnight — motivate yourself that you will achieve what you want, no matter what others say.

Take small steps at a time — keep a journal handy to track your progress. Write your mission, what you want to do every day, also your failures, and ‘engineer’ your resolution into results in a useful workout, every day.

Try to expend some calories every day through exercise and moderate physical exertion. Don’t take a second helping of the foods you like — remember that it’s only moderation that will help you reach your goals best.

Most important. Don’t go on a starvation diet, and indulge in your physical exercise plan at the same time. This will cause you more harm than good.


Think of an exercise-cum-diet plan as the foundation stone for good health and optimal wellness. One great way of bringing about balance is to exploring what your habits of eating are and also movement that tells you about who you really are — and, how your actions could be the best answer to your inner self.

If only you pay full attention to how you move and how you eat — you will have the time to focus on how you move spontaneously. You will immerse yourself fully in the experience and connect to yourself with different parts of the body.

Likewise, you need to connect with your diet — you should think of eating as a window of opportunity for constant experimentation. Think of it as fun — a means to understand yourself. Also, slowly fine-tune it to keep your body functioning well.


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