Two Short Cases

Words: Dr Naveen Kumar BOGGARAPU

Twenty-two-year-old Vicky suffered from psoriasis for four years. He had tried various therapies, but all without success. His psoriasis was extensive on his elbows and hands — with the back being worst affected. He carped of awful itching, especially at night. The lesions would often worsen in winter and upon exposure to the sun. They would sometimes bleed after excessive scratching — they were also painful.

Vicky was fond of sweets and chocolates. Pastries were part of his daily diet. He had a preference for warm things and was sensitive to cold. One cigarette a day was a norm for him, as well as a peg, or two, of alcohol on social occasions.

What came through intensely during case-analysis was his forceful inclination to postponing things accompanied by lack of self-confidence. I put him on the homeopathic remedy, Lycopodium clavatum 200C, based on his presenting symptoms and temperament. He responded well to treatment within a span of six months. For over two years now, Vicky has been delightfully free of, and from, his psoriatic distress.

Case-2: Hair Loss

Twenty-eight-year-old Bharat presented with hair loss in patches [alopecia areata], along with itchy, ungainly dandruff. He had this presenting problem for three years; it was distressing him badly. He had tried several treatments, and potions, but the relief was only short-lived.

He certainly showed a genetic tendency towards nasal and skin allergies. He loved spicy, but not sour food. His sweat was copious and unpleasant. He was tetchy and always seemed to react aggressively at the drop of a comment — as his mother corroborated.

Bharat had a tendency to brood, as well as weep easily. After analysing his case details, as also disposition and temperament, I prescribed him the homeopathic remedy, Natrum muriaticum 200C. His hair loss stopped after 4-5 months of homeopathic treatment, along with certain lifestyle and dietary changes. His dandruff, not to speak of his nasal and skin allergies, also got resolved.

Dr NAVEEN KUMAR BOGGARAPU, BHMS, PG Fellow in Homeopathic Dermatology [FCHD], is a Hyderabad-based senior homeopathic physician with a vast clinical experience of 20+ years. A former regional head of a chain of homeopathic clinics in corporate homeopathy, Dr Kumar has a certificate programme in homeopathic paediatrics too. He has participated and presented papers in several homeopathic medical conferences across India.

1 thoughts on “Two Short Cases

  1. Rathan Kumar says:

    I’d like to express my especial thanks to Dr Naveen for spending good, quality time to understanding my lifestyle and proceeding with a step-by-step process of providing instructions on diet control and medication, which, in turn, augments our immunity. Most often, we tend to rely just too much on medication and ignore our lifestyle. My interaction with Dr Naveen has changed my view of what we should follow and its impact on our health, based on our unique individuality. This is very much appreciated by me and, of course, all his patients.

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