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Most of us have suffered from back and/or neck pain at some point in our lives. When the going gets tough, surgery and expensive healthcare seem to be the only options. Really? Treat Your Back without Surgery provides proven exercise programmes and natural healing techniques — they will allow readers to self-diagnose back problems, relieve pain and prevent its recurrence. The handy book also provides insights on mainstream professional remedies, such as physical therapy, chiropractic and the use of lumbar corsets. Dr Stephen Hochschuler, MD, the author of the book under review, is a Board-Certified orthopaedic surgeon who specialises in spine surgery. Bob Reznik, MBA, the co-author, is with Prizm Development, a company that works with healthcare providers around the United States — to developing consumer-friendly centres of excellence.

Treat Your Back without Surgery
Dr Stephen Hochschuler, MD & Bob Reznik, MBA
pp: 224
Rupa/Amazon India
Price: `195.00

Meditation Made Simple 

Time Off: The Fifteen Minute Meditator is designed to be used anywhere — at work, home, school, or when travelling. Track One is a bell-tone synthesiser soundtrack which delivers a deep, Theta-level meditation. For an extended, 30-minute meditation, you’d go on to Track Two, where the Synchronicity Technology of Balance continues with the sounds of the gently rolling surf. What is Synchronicity Contemporary Meditation? All Synchronicity Contemporary Meditation soundtracks include precision Holodynamic Vibrational Entrainment Technology [HVET]. This balances the brain hemispheres, enhancing whole brain synchrony and delivering holistic awareness with far less time and effort than traditional techniques. You may call it the acceleration factor — this upholds a principal difference between Synchronicity Contemporary Meditation and traditional ‘low-tech’ systems of meditation. Thanks to this contemporary, precision technology, a state of holistic awareness, normally achieved only after many years of meditation, is easily accessible to everyone. Synchronicity Contemporary Meditation soundtracks may be used in conjunction with any other meditation technique that you may presently employ.

Time Off: The Fifteen Minute Meditator
Master Charles
[Audio Download. Running Time: 1 Hour] Yogi Impressions/Amazon US
Price: US$15.95

The Tranquil Resort 

Srirangapatna is one of the most fascinating historical towns in South India. The former capital of ‘Tiger of Mysore’ Tipu Sultan’s empire is a classic example of mediaeval Indian architecture. The fact that most of the relics from the past are excellently preserved, makes Srirangapatna all the more exciting for history buffs. The town is abundant in natural beauty as it sits cocooned by the River Kaveri. Young Island Comforts in Srirangapatna offers the best of hospitality and leisure services. It is a place where you can relax and explore the mysterious past of this historical town. The resort has a choice of standard, deluxe and club rooms; the menu is extensive. This is something that will jazz-up and elevate your taste buds too. 

Young Island Comforts
T: +91-82362 97333

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