ThinkWellness360 Ayurveda Essay 2022: Prize Winners’ Testimonials

ThinkWellness360 organised a Pan-India Essay Competition 2022 — ‘Ayurveda: Medicine of the Future’ — for Ayurveda Medical College Students.

The following students were declared the First, Second, and Third Prize Winners on April 24, 2023 [Refer: ThinkWellness360 Ayurveda Essay Competition: Winners].

This was what our Three Winners had to say — after they received their Certificates of Achievement and Prize Money of INR7,500, INR5,000 and INR3,000, respectively.

  • “It was a delight for me to participate in ThinkWellness360 Essay Writing Competition 2022 for Ayurveda Medical College Students. It was, indeed, a great experience too, for me, to understand the various aspects and possibilities of Ayurveda, as the medicine of the future, while preparing for the essay competition. I’m most grateful to ThinkWellness360 e-magazine for conducting such a wonderful competition for the betterment and propagation of Ayurveda, especially in the student community, and for selecting my essay for the First Prize. This has certainly made me feel on top of the world; also jubilant.”

— Dr Sariga K T, Second Year PG Student @ Govt Ayurveda Medical College, Pariyaram, Kannur, Kerala, India.

  • “It was, I thought, my own fortuitous moment when I found the promo-poster of ThinkWellness360 Ayurveda Essay Writing Competition 2022, for Ayurveda Medical College Students, in one of our WhatsApp groups. The topic, I reckoned, was interesting, as also challenging. I decided to participate, right away. As I began to think and work on my essay, there emerged this new vision: of how we could truly make ‘Ayurveda: Medicine of the Future.’ I also thought that knowing only our strengths was not sufficient to succeeding on this path. I, therefore, began to analyse and distil Ayurveda’s strengths, weaknesses, and also hurdles, while presenting it as the medicine of the future. I did not expect my essay to get the Second Prize in the competition — because, I believed, there would be hundreds of good, well-written submissions, or entries, from across India — although my gut feeling told me that my articulation would appeal to the judges. It did. And, I was more than delighted. I was on cloud nine. I thank ThinkWellness360 for giving me the opportunity to writing on such a novel topic, while motivating many Ayurveda medical college students, like me, across the country.”

Dr Ravina N Dalvi, Second Year PG Scholar @ Tilak Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya, Pune, Maharashtra, India.

  • “My experience with Thinkwellness360 ‘Ayurveda: Medicine of the Future’ Essay Writing Competition 2022 was really amazing. That it was a Pan-India competition suggested that it would not only be competitive, but also tough. This was my best experience, among the many competitions that I’ve participated in, so far. I look forward to many more such opportunities in the future. I thank ThinkWellness360, from the bottom of my heart, for organising and conducting the competition [for Ayurveda medical college students] so professionally, while attending to my queries in quick time. I would also like to express my deep appreciation and heartfelt thanks for ThinkWellness360 e-magazine, under whose aegis the competition was conducted, and for selecting my essay for the Third Prize. I just love the top-class articles, conforming to international standards, published in ThinkWellness360 e-magazine, on integrative and complementary medicine — Ayurveda and homeopathy — besides nutrition, exercise, relationships, work-life balance, self-help, mindfulness, wisdom, spirituality, Q&A, among other topics. I recommend that every health-conscious reader should subscribe to the e-magazine. Subscription to ThinkWellness360 e-magazine is FREE!”

Bharti Kotwal, Final Year BAMS Student @ Government Ayurvedic Medical College, Jammu, J&K.


ThinkWellness360 plans to organise a theme-based Essay Writing Competition 2023 for Ayurveda and homeopathic medical students. Please keep visiting ThinkWellness360 website — so that you don’t miss our announcement calling for submission of your essays. Who knows, you may well be our next prize winner!

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