Stop The Age Clock


The physically fit look good and feel good, because exercise helps ‘pump-in’ more oxygen and nutrients to their skin. Exercise not only slows down aging, it also helps extend your life, improve your appearance, self-confidence, and your overall figure.

It goes without saying that exercise benefits for the skin are immense. Exercise helps maintain a clear circulation; it also calms the nerves and promotes deep, refreshing, and revitalising sleep — a must for good health.

Exercise does not call for a huge sacrifice on time. All it takes is inclination; the rest is easy. So, just move ahead, and get into the exercise mood, and feel younger and better.

Youthful Skin: The First Step

Gently cleanse your face, every day. To do this, you may use three different types of products: a cleanser, a toner and a moisturiser. You would, of course, need to choose a safe, natural product that suits your skin type best — oily, or dry.

Water: The Best Prescription Detox

Water is essential for irrigating the skin. Water, nature’s most wholesome beverage, helps to keep the skin moist, soft, supple and clear. Do you know that loss of moisture from the skin is one major cause of wrinkles? You can water, or hydrate, your skin and keep it at its optimal level of health by drinking just eight-ten glasses of the liquid every day.

Rest Best

When you don’t get enough sleep you often feel unrefreshed and tired. All of us on an average need at least 7-8 hours of sleep. But, the fact is — most of us do with just about 5-6 hours of sleep. Without proper rest and sleep, we show signs of aging, all the more quickly. Your eyes look puffy; your skin will have a dry and lacklustre feel.


Proper diet is imperative for good health. The best thing to do is to eat at least five portions of fruit, or vegetables, a day. This will help you to keep your vitamins at their optimal levels. In the event you think that you are not getting adequate amounts of vitamins, it would do you good to take a multivitamin capsule every day. Another important thing is to avoid fatty foods as far as possible. Fatty foods cause spots and make your skin greasy.

Avoid Nicotine & Alcohol

Cigarettes deprive the skin of its vitality and also its smooth and good-looking feel. Smoking hampers blood flow too. It impedes the elimination of toxins from the skin. Just notice people who smoke around you — they tend to have a pale complexion and premature wrinkles. Alcohol is another culprit that can dry out the skin and hinder circulation. Alcohol is evidenced to deplete the skin of valuable moisture. It is also said to diminish the body of vitamins and minerals which are essential nutrients for a healthy complexion.

Stress: Bad For Skin

Stress is not only harmful for your body and mental balance; it is also harmful for your skin. Those who are stressed out reveal skin spots, and inflammation; their skin is often sensitive and dull-looking. So, relax and try to alleviate stress from your life. Go for a walk, or listen to good, soulful music, or meditate, and reduce your anxiety and stress levels. Relaxation can help you lead a harmonious life, and, in the process, prevent aging.

Avoid Direct Sun Exposure

Direct, continued exposure to the sun may damage your skin. It can, in the long-term, not only cause injury to your skin, but also leave its deleterious effects on your overall health and well-being.


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