Of Posture, Cortisol, Meditation & Bliss


Posture is not just about sitting straight, it is also intelligent awareness of your body’s framework and balance — one that could be effectively used to banish the aches and pains, which are the song of one’s burden, primarily because of aging and modern lifestyles. The Power of Posture is your one-stop guide to successfully resolving your body’s issues and replenishing your health and vitality. It answers weight loss issues, ways to boost flexibility and metabolism, corrections for muscle imbalance from over-exercising, solutions to aching neck, shoulders and back, including the key to pain-free legs and knee joints, among other things.

The Power of Posture
Dr Renu Mahtani
Amazon India
pp 236
Price: ₹298.00

In The Cortisol Connection, Dr Shawn M Talbott, PhD, a noted nutritionist, explains why lowering cortisol — the body’s major stress chemical — is as important to health and longevity as lowering cholesterol. Using his carefully designed and easy-to-follow SENSE [stress management, exercise, nutrition, supplementation and evaluation] cortisol-control plan, Dr Talbott gives you a practical ‘how-to’ to reduce stress, improve your long-term health, lower your cortisol and keep away from weight gain. The book also includes new research on the connection between cortisol and HSD [the body’s fat-storage enzyme], cortisol and testosterone, and provides a stress self-test, along with a weight-reduction plan.

The Cortisol Connection
Dr Shawn M Talbott, PhD
Rupa Publications
pp: 324
Price: ₹295.00

This is modern spirituality in the digital age — harnessing technology for the evolution of the consciousness. It transforms any environment into a sacred space and delivers the eternal ‘now’ experience. This is New-Age meditation, a whole new modern way with headphones that delivers an experience, which is ‘bespoke,’ precise and relevant for the times we now live in. The best part — it can also be used without headphones on a player in your pocket.

Now The Technology
[Audio CD] Master Charles Cannon
Synchronicity Foundation, Inc
Price: US$15.86

Bliss… is a selection of impeccably woven, relaxing bamboo flute music tracks, backed by guitar and soft keyboards. It provides the ideal setting to any kind of healing therapy, bringing a sense of calm, stillness and deep relaxation. Just as the healer focuses on a given part of the body before effortlessly moving on, each melody lasts for about five minutes to elevate the experience and augment our facility to receive and benefit from any form of therapeutic healing.

Bliss: Music for Reiki & Healing Therapy
The Healing Flute of Rakesh Chaurasia
14 Tracks
Listen on YouTube

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