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Words: Jawahar NIDAMBOOR 

Question: There is a glut of information on detox, especially for the liver and kidneys. I’m a bit confused, I’d appreciate it very much if you’d kindly help me separate the chaff from the grain with a simple ‘how-to’ plan. 

S J, Mumbai 

Answer: The liver, as most of us would know, is the centre of all metabolic functions. A healthy liver holds the key to good health. So do the kidneys — flushing out waste through the urine. 

The liver has more enzyme systems than any other part of the body. It plays a major, major role in the detox process.

Also, the liver, thanks to its significant role, carries a heavy load of work. In many instances, it is quite often overworked, primarily due to nutritive imbalance.

Nutritional inequity reduces the liver’s capacity to function at its optimal level.

A polluted environment is another cause for concern. Pollution upsets the liver’s equilibrium. Because, impurities first reach the liver, and play the spoilsport? Yes.

When the liver’s internal lining is harmed, due to impurities, it can lead to what is called as the ‘leaky gut.’ This is something that adds to the liver’s woes. Result? It now faces more wastes than it can possibly handle.

This situation is worse compounded by an inefficient colon.

In addition, the liver can also be disturbed by drugs, or medications.

The best way to keep your liver healthy is through good dietetic practices, especially high-fibre food, such as vegetables and fruits. This will help the liver to eliminate toxic substances. Another great way of helping the liver deal well with toxins is to load it with nutrients — or, herbal remedies [e.g., chelidonium], including milk thistle, in supplement form.

A Typical Liver Flush

For those who cannot do without excess fat, and protein, or have a gluttonous appetite for fast/junk food, it is most probable that their liver may be congested with slush and ‘stones.’

This presents a good case for a ‘liver flush.’ A flush is a great mode to help the liver wash away toxic build-up and dietary excesses.

A simple liver flush consists of a combination of olive oil and lemon juice. It is a simple plan. But, in reality, it is not.

It is best to do a liver flush under the guidance of a professional therapist, or herbalist.

Water Your Kidneys Well

The kidneys play the role of a filtration plant in the body. This is reason enough why you need to keep them in good health.

We are all creatures of habits.

When we do not take adequate amounts of water it results in concentrated urine. This is harmful for the delicate membranes of the kidneys.

If our intake of water is minimal and it is compounded by the intake of a high-fat diet, the combined assault produces a milky lipaemic blood plasma which the kidneys would find most difficult to expel. Add to this a high salt intake, and you have concentrated wastes that can ‘damage’ the kidneys.

Over a long period of time, these indulgences lead to the formation of crystals [stones].

The best way to restore balance is through adequate intake of water and reduced consumption of oil, fat, and excess protein.

An extra glass, or two, of water, during the course of the day, quite simply, will do you a world of good.

When you begin to practice the habit, your urine will become more dilute, and the crystals also dissolve slowly.

Wait a minute. The crystals may sometimes pass out — or, they may get stuck. No need to worry [See below].

Health Plan For Your Kidneys

One of the most important signs that will aid you to pay meticulous attention to your kidneys is puffiness below the eyes. If you notice the swelling resides for a while, it is time you took extra care of your kidneys.

One simple trick that works to bring nature’s balance back to the kidneys is lemon water. Just take a pint of lukewarm lemon water when you wake up in the morning. Only thing is — make sure that it is not too hot, or cold. Either form won’t do you any good.

Now — just keep an eye on how your swelling reduces in size, with the plan.

When you don’t carry your puffy presentation, any more, you will know your kidneys are a relieved and healthy lot.

JAWAHAR NIDAMBOOR, BPharm, MSc [UK], in Industrial Pharmaceutics, PGD in Drug Regulatory Affairs, and PGD in Marketing Management, is a marketing and communications professional, independent researcher, teacher, life coach, writer, and co-author of four books on natural health and wellness. A mentor with DRIVES [Entrepreneurship Cell] at D Y Patil College of Pharmacy, Navi Mumbai, Nidamboor also manages Spatika Content, Foster Mind Academy [Overseas Education Consultancy], and KwaliTea, a premium online tea business. He lives in Navi Mumbai, India.

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