Homeopathy For Erectile Dysfunction

Homeopathy For Erectile Dysfunction

Words: Dr Naveen Kumar BOGGARAPU

Question: Doctor, could you please explain to me in layman’s terms what erectile dysfunction [ED] is all about and its homeopathic perspective, as also treatment, which, I am told, is safe and more than useful?

JKL, Kolkata

Answer: Erectile dysfunction [ED] is a common disorder in men — it is, in simple terms, the incapability to get, or maintain, penile erection for intercourse. It is also, at times, referred to as impotence.


  • Difficulty in achieving the erection
  • Inability to perform in bed as the person ejaculates way before ‘orgasm’ and is not able to maintain the erection fully.


  • High blood pressure/heart disease
  • Medications, viz., anti-hypertensives etc.,
  • Obesity
  • Stress
  • Relationship issues
  • Fatigue
  • Performance anxiety
  • Excess consumption of alcohol; excess smoking
  • Diabetes
  • Enlarged prostate gland.

Homeopathic Perspective

Homeopathy offers useful results in cases of ED. It is a system of medicine that follows a holistic approach sans side-effects. Homeopathy targets the underlying, or the most likely, cause of sexual incapability in men. It also addresses the problem from the inside out.

Selenium. Patients who need the homeopathic remedy, Selenium metallicum, are usually unable to fulfil their sexual desires due to slow, or weak erections. Fatigue is commonly experienced after sex. Symptoms addressed by Selenium include involuntary passage of seminal fluid during urination and sleep.

Lycopodium. Lycopodium clavatum is used to address erectile dysfunction in young adults — a probable ‘outcome’ of frequent masturbation. Lycopodium can be used to address erectile dysfunction that results from indiscriminate sexual activity.

Nux Vomica. Nux vomica is useful in mild cases of erectile dysfunction. It can ‘boost’ your sex life by addressing sexual dysfunctions caused due to excess work pressure, stress and lack of rest. Nux vomica personalities are workaholics and also overtly ambitious.

Caladium. It is obvious that any addiction can play a major role in hampering your sex life. In most cases, they may trigger ED. Consumption of tobacco may be counteracted with the intake of Caladium seguinum. This remedy is also helpful for people who are easily aroused, after oral sex, or foreplay. Caladium is also known for treating apparent impotency triggered by acute psychological, or emotional, stress.

It is imperative that one consults a professional homeopath who will take a detailed case history of the individual presenting with ED and prescribe the most suitable homeopathic remedy — one that is ‘customised,’ or ‘personalised’ for the case in its toto.

Dr NAVEEN KUMAR BOGGARAPU, BHMS, PG Fellow in Homeopathic Dermatology [FCHD], is a Hyderabad-based senior homeopathic physician with a vast clinical experience of 20+ years. A former regional head of a chain of homeopathic clinics in corporate homeopathy, Dr Kumar has a certificate programme in homeopathic paediatrics too. He has participated and presented papers in several homeopathic medical conferences across India.

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