Evolve Thyself

Evolve Thyself

Words: Andre ZIZI

The reality of our daily observations is far deeper than the rabbit hole. People who are sceptical about what makes our potential infinite consciousness real, and of what we can create beyond our wildest imagination, need to take a deeper look at what quantum physics has to offer.

Well, if you find quantum physics, or mechanics, too unfathomable, go into the mind of an overachiever, and observe their thinking patterns, feelings, behaviour, and attitude. Next, see if you can explain how come someone evolved from being an illiterate in their adult life to be a university graduate, a teacher, and writer?

Go explain how a miserly man became a millionaire? Go and explain how come someone overcame brain tumour or cancer…

In order to begin to reach a higher state of consciousness and create things beyond our wildest dreams, we need to go beyond our physical senses. The intent is to create new paradigms.

Living Example

I am a living example of the above changes that I created by going beyond my physical senses. Don’t hold me responsible right now about not having UK£15 million, because my focus in the last 10-15 years, was to overcome illiteracy, to overcome cancer, to overcome panic disorder, and depression. But, come and see me in five years’ time, and the above theory of making UK£15 million, of creating my reality depending on my focused attention, and of being able to go beyond my senses, and create the reality, for which most people think is unrealistic, may just be possible. Yes, it is unrealistic for thinkers who think — this kind of reality is not easy for a large number of people who refuse to go beyond their senses, or out of their comfort zone.

What do you truly want to discover about your infinite potentials, this potential refers to your consciousness, my consciousness, universal consciousness, that is in everything you perceive, feel, observe, hear, taste, smell, touch — to making your environment real? Whatever you call which is making you feel and create your reality is created by you, inside you, by your memory, chemicals, molecules, the magnetic field in your brain — everything that you perceive and believe in creates your reality.

So, have you created a reality of your dreams? Who is stopping you from acquiring it? Again, it is the ‘you’ inside you, whatever you believe is god, soul, spirit, or call it anything, it is still geared by your perception. This turns into belief, and out of this you create that reality which is either limited or limitless. That which you perceive, think, feel, affects your reality, and you can rewire your brain to start affecting new realities when you go beyond the senses, and tap into your infinite potential by the aid of imagination. Call it ‘soul’ — this is why the science of meditation, when practiced regularly, and with spiritual intention, lets you go of the past, and lets god renew the present, and heal the future. You begin to live a life of blessedness.

Concrete Reality

Our brain receives infinite amounts of information every second and the infinite information that is processed by the brain indicates that there is more to what we are perceiving, because most of what is perceived without focused attention is illusory. It doesn’t have a substance to build more concrete reality to attract the things we are supposed to create in our world. Examples are: emotional stability, financial independence, intellectual virtues, optimal health, and spiritual enlightenment.

We are colonised and deceived by the physical senses all the time. We eat not out of what is right and good for us, we eat out of what tastes good, even if the calories are lethal, but as long as it tastes good, we continue to be deceived into thinking that such and such a dish is good.Every microsecond you are having a sensual and sensory experience, for example, your head starts ticking, you think ‘headache’ senses start rolling like a snow ball, and you reach out for a headache pill. You tell yourself you are having a ‘headache,’ and you magnify the pain as you acknowledge its thumping beat. The medication numbs the pain, but it doesn’t eradicate it. For worse, it creates other substances in the body, and may further damage when the body is overdosed.

According to scientists, 400 billion bits of information a second comes your way, only 2,000 of which you become aware of — this means reality is happening out of this information you are receiving all the time.

Unified Realm

Quantum mechanics is simply and crudely put a wave of potential electrons, not just electrons, but the potential of electrons, a wave of the abstract field of potentiality. Physicists call it ‘unified field’ and that is what we are made of.

Our religious texts and New-Age themes tell us we are made of a soul infinite; this can neither be created nor destroyed. However, when we leave terminologies on the side, and focus on the potentiality of our being, our unified field, with our imagination, we can create our reality. For a large part, humanity cannot affect massive or extraordinary changes, because they don’t believe they can.

If you deconstruct yourself into tiny microscopic molecules, you will see that you are a unified field of energy, creating and recreating the reality we live on a daily basis by what we perceive. Our perception creates our reality, be it feeling bad or good. It is real at the time of perception — by perceiving you can become a winner or loser. You create it. It is funny how we have a real genius to create limitation, to perceive things as small, bad, limitless. We are so good at creating limitation, and we are so good at focusing our attention on what doesn’t work. It is here that you create your reality.

Imagine if you decide right now, right here, to go beyond your ordinary senses and decide to overcome something that you never thought was possible. Do you know what happens: just as you decide to go beyond your senses, you create a paradigm, and that paradigm gives you an intention — the intention that creates your reality?

Imagine a TV programme, a man or woman is presenting the show, for you to watch it later. How did they know that you will be watching it later? How do they know that there are going to be people watching their show? The first person who decided to broadcast information, film, shows, etc., had an intention; their intention affected other minds and caused them to sit in front of TV and watch their programmes.

Take, for example, this article that I am composing for you. I am here behind my computer, in my home, I can’t see you, you can’t see me, and yet, I knew that my other half, you, who is part of my unified field, intended all this. It affected my belief that you will be reading my article, and you are reading it, right now. My intention was directed towards you and caused you to read this article; my intention is correlated with you. I intended to directly communicate with your experiences — that intention allows me to have simultaneously the similar brain potential in my brain. Whatever I imagine I manifest with a focused directed intention.

Collective Consciousness

We are the creators, we are the collective consciousness that create and affect our reality. Anything you can imagine you create, and with your power of attention and intention, that is when you decide to attract that person, that object, you will manifest it in your reality. Sadly, a large part of humanity doesn’t produce enough conscious power and intention to manifest their dreams, simply because they don’t believe they can. Sometimes at the conscious level, even when the person desires to achieve something, to get hold of something, to be part of something, they don’t believe they can at the subconscious level. Even though they are saying I like a million pounds, or I like to be part of your success, their desire is passive, their attention is disabled, and their intention is absent.

There are two intertwined consciousness within ourselves, the weak and the super power. The weak is when everything, or some of the things you perceive are irrelevant, not profitable, too risky, too big, too heavy etc., The causal event of such thinking is so weak that it destroys that great potentiality in a matter of seconds.

However, the good news is that your other half of consciousness, that which perceives reality at the highest level of consciousness, that microscopic world which we can see, the inner world of all cells, our nuclei, atoms, each of these, have their own language and also mathematics. They are different, yet complementary — they complement each other in action, guided by our thoughts and feelings, our focused attention and intention. They, thus, create our world; our reality.

Model Yourself Well

Happily, at the deepest sub-nuclei level, you and I are one consciousness, one spirit, one soul, in this field of our Universal Potentiality. Our job here is to learn, teach, mentor, empower, and give all you can to those far, near, and dear, so that you grow richer, and evolve into a super leader, super soul.

Most people who try to develop a technique, or behaviour on their own, without the manual, create more false realities, because they forget to use a manual. There is logical sequencing in the behaviour of a successful model — this is the law of psychology that should not be fiddled with unless you are experienced in the area of the psychology of deconstruct and reconstruct, or have a guide, mentor, or therapist, to help you put the puzzle together safely and successfully.

This is also why great folks created self-help books to educate, and help us achieve peak performance, more so, because releasing emotional toxins from the mind and body is imperative to attracting an avalanche of abundance. This avalanche of abundance is what causes a flood of success in our business, investment, health, and relationships.

ANDRE ZIZI is a neuro-philosopher, qualified teacher, writer, and author of The Spiritual Psychology of the Science of Money-Phology. He lives in the UK.

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