Congrats, ThinkWellness 360

Words: Kiron B SHENOY

This is a reader’s story, or fan’s tribute — or, whatever you may deem fit to say.

I’ve had a special connect with ThinkWellness360, not just because my soul brother, Dr [Raj] Nidamboor, is driving this beautiful, holistic e-mag towards its 50th issue, but also because of what it espouses, or empowers, in terms of wellness for its readers.

The day I received a slick .pdf newsletter, featuring highlights of the first issue of ThinkWellness360 [August 15, 2021], on my mobile phone, I was enchanted with its package in toto. Not only did it have a variety of subjects, but it also had a beautiful layout and user-friendly contextuality.

I have known Dr Raj for over three decades, and it’s great to see that this e-mag has now come to stay. Dr Raj, a wellness physician and philosophy-literary buff, is a versatile and prolific writer. He is extremely erudite and knowledgeable vis-à-vis a broad-spectrum of topics. Wellness was always his forte and I am extremely happy that this e-mag is really on top of its game, with well-presented, also well-researched articles, thanks to its excellent panel of specialist contributors from India and abroad.

It was also heartening to see that the e-mag team organised essay writing competitions for homeopathy and Ayurveda medical college students — with attractive prizes. This is a small step, but a truly ‘motivating leap’ for budding talent.

I also reckon that, in all probability, more so in a cupboard full of conventional [allopathic] medicines, it’d be worthwhile to see the re-emergence of complementary and alternative medicine — which may be a tad slow to cure, but sure removes the sickness from the root.

I live in Sri Lanka, where the country, community and the government bestow immense importance to Ayurveda. Every suburb has a clinic, either private or government, with patients from every strata of society.

Beauty and wellness go hand-in-hand. Artificial beauty may be created for the moment, by a plethora of creams and cosmetics, but real beauty is internal and natural. It stems from the wellness of the mind, body and soul. This is also where our user-friendly e-mag, ThinkWellness360, steps in — to bring a new, fresh perspective for its readers.

A beautiful person is seldom a statement of the exterior, but a sublime reflection of internal beauty, mindfulness, calm mental and emotional balance, physical fitness etc. When the glow on the face is sans cosmetic embellishment we understand that the person is in the wellness zone. There are dozens of magazines in India which individually ‘speak’ on every health subject, or topic, but it is ThinkWellness360 that packages the whole gamut and makes it easily digestible.

What I also like about ThinkWellness360 is it is true to its name and encompasses articles that are well-documented and enriched with tangible scientific facts. This is why it is such a pleasure to read it, every fortnight — a wholesome capsule for the mind and body and probably for the soul too.

When any magazine, digital or print, reaches its 50th issue, it is a given that readers are convinced of its authenticity and credibility. Any product that manages to sustain and keep its head above water for two years would genuinely, as you would all agree too, have valuable and meaningful content. So, kudos to Team ThinkWellness360.

I wish ThinkWellness360 many more milestones and continued holistic power — to WOW the reader in the years ahead.

All the best, Dr Raj and ThinkWellness360. God bless.

KIRON B SHENOY, BSc, LLB, MBA, is a senior corporate management professional with more than 40 years of varied experience across industries in the SAARC Region. He is a firm believer in work-life balance and the ‘Power of Now.’ A practicing philosopher, motivational speaker, life-coach and author, who networks extensively, Shenoy lives in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Website: KIRON SHENOY

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