Congrats, ThinkWellness 360

Words: Kiron B SHENOY This is a reader’s story, or fan’s tribute — or, whatever you may deem fit to say. I’ve had a special connect with ThinkWellness360, not just because my soul brother, Dr [Raj] Nidamboor, is driving this beautiful, holistic e-mag towards its 50th issue, but also because of what it espouses, or

‘I Triumphed Over Cancer’

Words: Anamika KUMAR For a happy-go-lucky girl, who was fond of being a ‘tomboy’ and prankster of the top draw, I was diagnosed with Stage-I, or early, cancer of the ovary at age 23. The disease, I was told, was fortuitously limited to a small area. But, the word, ‘cancer,’ came like a wicked shock.

‘How I Beat Cancer’

How To Beat Cancer

Words: K R CHANDRIKA It all happened 21 years ago — a time of great emotional and physical upheaval when the ‘Big C’ hit me like machine gunfire. It’s pragmatic medical intervention, wonderful support and love of my family, parents, relatives and friends that helped me surmount all odds and beat cancer from the inside

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