‘Ayurveda: My Tryst With Destiny’

Dr Vijayeta NAYAK responds to ThinkWellness360 questionnaire. 

Why and how did you think of becoming a doctor?

When I was in high school, I was diagnosed with epidermolysis bullosus — an uncommon, or rare, condition that causes fragile, blistering skin. I was given allopathic medicines for a few months, but there was just no relief. One day, my friends and I planned for a beach trip and I had some really spicy food. This aggravated my symptoms and lemon-sized water boils appeared alarmingly all over my body. I took allopathic treatment, yet again; but, it did not help. The severe itching and burning did not abate. This led me to Ayurveda. I got admitted for treatment. My fascination for medicine began when doctors, undergoing internship, would come to me for case study. I would ask them a lot of questions. Eventually, the agonising issue got resolved and my belief in Ayurveda expanded. This led me to the idea of being an Ayurveda doctor. My dream-come-true was fulfilled with the blessings of my parents.

What made you think of, study and specialise in the system of medicine you now practice?

My tryst with the rare disease in my childhood. I felt that no person should suffer like I did. I thought that I should guide, treat them and make their life healthy.

What has been your personal and professional experience as a doctor?

I feel fulfilled and useful to society. I feel proud to be a part of this noble profession. The respect I get is uplifting; a happy feeling too. I reckon I am doing justice to my life. From the professional standpoint, I feel that my hard work is worth it, more so when my patients are happy with my treatment. I believe that treating a patient is not just limited to medications, it is also proper diet. This prompted me to doing a Fellowship in Clinical Nutrition, so that I’d treat my patients with better effect and also make them lead a healthy, active life[style].

What unique and special skills you think you have that has made the big difference for your patients? 

I listen to them carefully, after which I decide what is good for them. In this fast-paced world, most people don’t have anyone to talk, or listen to. I make sure that I understand my patients and treat them on the totality of what they present with — internally and externally. I’ve always believed that there should be mutual trust between the patient and doctor to deriving the best treatment results. This has always worked for me.

What is your best definition of optimal wellness and why? 

Optimal wellness is being happy with whatever we do in our life. What’s more, being physically, mentally and socially healthy, is important. One cannot fulfil their responsibilities, also dreams, without optimal health and wellness.

Your ‘best’ case?

I don’t ‘catalogue’ my best and worst cases. All the same, I’ve had impressive results in chronic gastritis, skin and respiratory disorders. I have treated many allergic conditions with proper diet and lifestyle too. One of my patients who was extremely allergic to dust, what with an annoying, runny nose throughout the year [well, almost], is now completely free of his nasal distress, with ‘less is more medicine’ and simple lifestyle changes.

Your ‘not-so-good’ case?

Well, I’d think of them in a handful of arthritis-related cases — albeit certain environmental, lifestyle factors, as also non-compliance to treatment, which are beyond my ‘control,’ dictate the course of the troubling disorder.

What appeals to you the most?

When I am appreciated for my efforts, be it from my patients, family, or colleagues. I like involving myself in groundwork of different Ayurveda formulations; my most recent being a 24-hour long preparation of Chyavanaprasha, which helps to treat certain difficult-to-treat skin disorders, apart from its famed reputation as nature’s wholesome tonic for immune defence, optimal health and vitality.

What annoys you the most? 

When people disrespect our noble profession. Also, when people say Ayurveda is just too ‘slow.’

Your favourite book? 

All Chetan Bhagat novels.

Your favourite joke? 

All funny things that happen in day-to-day life.

Your favourite song?

I like songs having that quintessential classical touch. I also like the hummable romantic songs from RHTDM — Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein [Starring: R Madhavan, Saif Ali Khan, Dia Mirza, Anupam Kher, et al]. I most recently liked the songs from the Web series — Bandish Bandits.

Your favourite movie?

I am an avid movie buff. When it comes to new movies, I loved Pathaan, Kantara, and RRR. I also love movies which are a visual treat — like Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s films.

Your favourite TV, Netflix show?

I liked Delhi Crime [Starring: Shefali Shah], and South Korean dramas, viz., Crash Landing on You and What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim.

Your other interests, or hobbies? 

Music, dancing and singing.

Your goal in life?

To achieve a good name; also fame. And, make my parents proud.

Dr VIJAYETA NAYAK, BAMS, FCN [AHERF], is an Ayurveda physician @ Ayurvedeeyam, Udupi, and consultant nutritionist. She started her career as a private Ayurvedic practitioner in Bengaluru. She has specialised in treating acute and chronic gastritis, skin and allergy problems. Her forte is clinical nutrition founded on ancient-modern Ayurvedic principles. She believes that without proper diet [pathya], there can be no tangible healthy outcomes, or optimal wellness. She lives in Udupi, Karnataka, India.

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