Swine Flu: Things To Do

Words: Dr Pankaj AGGARWAL Swine flu, or swine influenza, is a respiratory disease caused by the type-A influenza virus [H1N1] strain. The virus  changes and mutates constantly in order to escape the immune system of the animal it infects [pigs]. It can infect the individual/patient’s respiratory tract, resulting in nasal secretions, barking cough, decreased appetite,

Keep Acne At Bay

Words: Dr Pankaj AGGARWAL There are several factors that may trigger acne [pimples]. One of them is hereditary. Sometimes, bacteria may also cause acne, thanks to the dirt and oil that reside on our skin. People with oily skin, or individuals who work-out, should take care of their skin as heat and humidity can intensify

Monsoon Illnesses: Prevention Best

Words: Dr Pankaj AGGARWAL Monsoon refreshes every living being, after the sizzling heat of summer. It also brings illnesses, primarily due to its warm, wet and humid climate. Most monsoon illnesses are easily treated, while a few can, at times, be life-threatening. Malaria  This is the most common illness that ‘catches’ you in the rainy

Stop Smoking With Homeopathy

Words: Dr Pankaj AGGARWAL Be it a teenager, or septuagenarian, each of us is aware of the fact that smoking is harmful. Well, there is no cigarette wrapper that does not carry the caveat, “Smoking is injurious to health.” Yet, we find that approximately 975 million people are smokers worldwide. Quitting smoking is really tough.

Childbirth Made Easy

Words: Dr Pankaj AGGARWAL  Most babies are born following a perfectly normal and uneventful labour. Yet, the fact remains that things don’t go according to plan always. A little help from your homeopathic physician could help in making such a plan safe and also uneventful. Homeopathy has an impressive safety record. Its remedies are non-toxic

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