Urinary Tract Infections

Words: Dr Ambika P NAYAK Urinary tract infections [UTI] are common and prevalent in all age groups, across the country. They are also common worldwide. UTI is one of the most common conditions that we encounter in clinical practice too. For some patients, it is also a recurrent issue. The presenting symptoms of UTI are


Words: Dr Ambika P NAYAK Aging is a natural phenomenon. Add to this the decline in the production of oestrogen and progesterone — hormones  vital for sexual and reproductive development — in women, in their late-40s, or early-50s, and you’d know why they attain menopause, or the cessation of menses — monthly periods, in common

Dealing With Allergies

Words: Dr Ambika P NAYAK Allergy is a famed word — it conforms to a clear, unexpected reaction of the body to any substance that may, otherwise, be harmless. What happens in allergic reactions? Our immune system identifies certain substances as allergens and produces antibodies, which now go into action to destroy them and, in

Food As Medicine

Words: Dr Ambika P NAYAK Acharya Charaka defined Ayurveda as a discerning programme that expounds what is favourable and unfavourable for the welfare of all human beings: Hitaahitam sukham duham ayustasya hitaahitam | Maanam cha taccha yatroktam ayurvedah sochyate || Ayurveda is not only a medical science, it also a handbook of, and for, life.

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