A Case Of Faecal Incontinence

Faecal Incontinence

Words: Dr Naveen Kumar BOGGARAPU

Nine-year-old SM presented with symptoms of faecal incontinence [encopresis] ever since she was three as her doting mother put it. Her stools were reportedly normal in the morning followed by several episodes of involuntary stools throughout the day. She would obviously soil her clothes without even being aware of it, just as I was witness to 1-2 such episodes. SM was an adopted child; much of her past and/or family history, therefore, could not be elicited.

SM was a conscientious child; she was unusually well-behaved. But, she’d, like any other kid, ‘kick off’ a bit of steam, at times. However, she had a propensity to weep over nothings and also just as quickly get over it with a smile. What she loved was sweets and the winter chill, whatever there was to it.

Faecal incontinence is a lack of control over defaecation, leading to involuntary loss of bowel content. It can result from several causes and/or occur with either constipation, or diarrhoea. It is one of the most psychologically, emotionally and socially embarrassing conditions in, otherwise, healthy kids. The good news is that it is usually treatable. However, healthcare professionals are often not adequately acquainted, or well-informed, about treatment options.

I put SM on the homeopathic remedy, Pulsatilla 200C, based on her presenting symptoms and temperament. Her involuntary stools reduced to a minimum following 3-4 months of homeopathic treatment. The best part is SM could, over time, experience and act on the normal urge for stools.

NB: In addition to homeopathic treatment, I advised SM’s parents to put her on a good fibre supplement and asked them to ‘coach’ her on bowel training with patience, sensitivity and understanding too, along with counselling [with a child psychologist].

It all helped.

Dr NAVEEN KUMAR BOGGARAPU, BHMS, PG Fellow in Homeopathic Dermatology [FCHD], is a Hyderabad-based senior homeopathic physician with a vast clinical experience of 20+ years. A former regional head of a chain of homeopathic clinics in corporate homeopathy, Dr Kumar has a certificate programme in homeopathic paediatrics too. He has participated and presented papers in several homeopathic medical conferences across India.

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