‘Travel: The Song Of My Life’

Biker BHARATHI responds to ThinkWellness360 questionnaire.

Your view on beauty?

I am a full-time traveller. For me, beauty is positive vibes. I also believe that true beauty resides in self-confidence, generosity, happiness, dignity, intelligence, and making others feel at ease. While travelling, I find and appreciate beauty in everything. I get good vibes from the mountains, the valleys, nature, local food, and also conversations with the locals — wherever I go.

Your ‘take’ on fitness?

One ought to be mentally, physically, and emotionally fit — not just putting a false façade of being fit from the outside. Spiritual fitness is just as important. My motto is — be a vegetarian, think good, and do good. My mental and spiritual wellness has helped me a lot while travelling, because being fit is happiness and vice versa. When you are joyful, you are always fit. Healthy practices, such as positive thinking and good intentions, help one to feel fit all of the time. I love attending spiritual classes and practicing meditation, whenever I have the time for them. This has improved my mental and spiritual wellness. Remember — when you are physically healthy, you will be able to seamlessly ‘up’ your positive emotions and ‘control’ your negative emotions.

Your view of health and wellness?

Health is my top priority. Everything is lost when one’s health is lost. Health, as it is rightly said, is the first wealth. I always take care of my health by eating healthy vegetarian food and staying cheerful. I drink a lot of water, every day, stay active, fast once a week, and sleep well. I preserve my wellness, as already cited, by engaging in spiritual activities, thinking positively at all times, and adhering to healthy habits and hobbies.

Your ‘take’ on work-life balance?

I am having a whale of a time, because of my travel — and, of course, my bike. My bike ‘maketh’ me; it has given the world to me, as it were. This is my passion, my inner call, also work. For me, travel-life balance is more than essential. Travel equals life. I am, therefore, happy that I have managed it all well — to have a wonderful travel-life, also work-life, balance.

Your mantra to beat stress?

As long as one’s mind is ‘wired’ to thinking — nay, overthinking — mode, one will get stressed. Overthinking is also the spin-off of stress; so, you should quit overthinking, albeit this is easier said than done. I simply prepare properly, take precautions, and travel confidently. I have the mind-set that ‘let a problem come first, and I calmly consider, or chisel, a solution.’ This way, I live a joyful and quiet life while travelling. Stress does not exist in simple living. Stress happens when one raises their lifestyle — with all fanciful yearnings, or excess desires. I believe that you should cultivate the habit of simple living and high thinking, not overthinking. As a full-time traveller, I only carry two suitcases and no permanent address. I am not concerned about losing anything. So, I have chosen to live and think simply, sometimes profoundly, but without thinking too much on unwanted, or whimsical, materialistic things. My mantra: act, but don’t react, to bad things, or thoughts, and avoid being greedy. Always.

BIKER BHARATHI, alias ‘Flying Queen,’ or ‘Woman Riding Solo,’ who hails from Bellary District, Karnataka, worked as a technical writer for 14 years. She decided to embark on a life full of adventure and quit her job at age 40. Her mission is to travel across the world, beginning with India. She says she’d love to take ThinkWellness360 readers on an exciting journey, by way of her travels, through her YouTube Channel — while sharing her exhilarating experiences, adventures, and much more. She lives in Bengaluru, India, when not travelling, nay riding one of her favourite bikes.

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