‘There’s Beauty In Ayurveda’

Dr HARINAKSHI responds to ThinkWellness360 questionnaire.

Why and how did you think of becoming a doctor? 

It’s my childhood desire — to serve people. So, what better than being a doctor? Yet, when I saw my mother, a nurse, work long hours, and with dedication, I was in a dilemma. I was also a tad sceptical about a career in medicine. Well, as my ‘tryst’ would have it, there was this poignant incident with my grandpa. It prompted me to become a doctor.

What made you think of, study and specialise in the system of medicine you now practice?

My grandfather was on long-term medication without much relief. We saw him suffer — the sad twist, or downside, being he was misdiagnosed. My grandfather was taken to an Ayurveda physician who was our last hope. Yes, we couldn’t save my grandpa, or prolong his life, yet the ‘bespoke’ treatment and care gave him a somewhat better quality of life, till he passed into the sunset. This was a useful first-hand experience for me. I also felt that no one should suffer, like my grandpa. I believed that the best way to treating disease was Ayurveda — it was also, I felt, the right path to leading a happy, healthy life. This is the genius, or beauty, of Ayurveda; I just love it.

What has been your personal and professional experience as a doctor? 

I am always willing to serving my patients and the community. I’m humbled by the respect, love and affection that my patients bestow. Patients, I believe, should be treated with compassion; and, with the best intent. This is half of the ‘battle’ won in treating disease, coupled with proper diet and lifestyle changes. This translates to a happy feeling too for the doctor and patient.

What unique and special skills you think you have that has made the big difference for your patients?

I respect my work. I first listen to my patients’ problems carefully. I decide upon the proper line of treatment and medicines for them later. The patient’s societal status is not my concern, when they come to me with their health problems. I prefer to attend to and treat their health issues within a workable timeline, and in the best manner, according to Ayurveda. Add to this, the right treatment, along with proper diet, healthy lifestyle, daily and seasonal regimen, mental stability, good conduct, home remedies and also yoga, you have a well-defined, holistic approach to treatment. It’s a pressure cooker world out there — thanks to our busy, nay frenzied, life. I prefer to understand my patient’s work-life context too. I advise lifestyle changes, treatment and follow-up, based on such ‘modalities.’ In my clinical practice, I may also prepare, in a given case, medicinal formulations that yield good results. I reckon that my patients prefer my self-prepared medicines, happily. This always adds on to my good results.

What is your best definition of optimal wellness and why?

Ayurveda is ‘perched’ on the scaffold of our mind and body balance — the doshas and agni. It is imperative for one not to have unhealthy habits. What’s more, our physical and mental well-being are more important than other factors. It always helps when we handle things with a clear intellectual, or logical, bent of mind while attending to all our responsibilities.

Your ‘best’ case?

It was my first — a case of infertility. When my patient conceived, following Ayurveda treatment, she was on cloud nine. It boosted my confidence too.

Your ‘not-so-good’ case?

A case of stubborn chronic arthritis. It was a tough ‘nut to crack.’ It eventually responded to Ayurveda, although slowly.

What appeals to you the most?

When I am admired and appreciated for my services by my patients, parents, family and friends. My interest in preparing Ayurveda formulations appeals to me the most too.

What annoys you the most?

Disrespect towards Ayurveda.

Your favourite book?

Bhagavad Gita. The works and books of Swami Vivekananda, Kuvempu, A P J Abdul Kalam, Sudha Murthy and Chetan Bhagat.

Your favourite joke?

Every day is fun and memorable.

Your favourite song?

I like poetry and songs based on Carnatic classical music: Irabeku iruvante toredu savira chinte. I also like Hindustani and Indo-Western music, as also romantic songs from Sandalwood and Bollywood.

Your favourite movie?

Kantara, Bahubali, KGF, RRR, and Theri. I love Mani Rathnam, S L Bhansali, S S Rajamouli and Rohit Shetty films.

Your favourite TV, Netflix show?

I like reality shows — Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, Dance India, comedy shows and cartoons. I also love watching mythological series.

Your other interests, or hobbies?

Singing, poetry writing, dancing, and painting.

Your goal in life?

To become a successful doctor and make my patients, parents, family and my gurus happy and proud.

Dr HARINAKSHI, BAMS, MD [Ayurveda], first started her career as an Assistant Physician in Bengaluru, and set up her private practice in Shimoga. She later moved — following her wedding — to Udupi, the beautiful coastal town. She now practices as a full-time Consulting Ayurveda Physician at Ayurvedeeyam, Udupi, with a special interest in gynaecology, allergies, skin disease, gastric disorders, arthritis and chronic respiratory diseases. Her special focus is also keyed to studying physiological and psychological changes in different phases of a woman’s menstrual cycle— with the pristine therapeutics of Ayurveda. She lives in Udupi, Karnataka, India.

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