‘The Patient, Not Just The Disease’

Dr Arti Nagraj NALLU responds to ThinkWellness360 questionnaire. 

Why and how did you think of becoming a doctor? 

I was zealous about one thing as a kid — to be a doctor. My uncle and aunty, the gynaecologist duo, were a huge influence — their success stories, doubtless, lit up my little world. My parents too shared my blooming vision and encouraged me to taking up medicine. Medicine gave me my ‘eureka’ moment too in college — my husband. He encouraged me, in more ways than one, to pursue my education and career for and with a higher purpose; also, more objectively.

What made you think of, study and specialise in the system of medicine you now practice?

It was sheer luck that I opted for homeopathy and ‘sojourned’ into its deepest realms — I had always reckoned that homeopathy was, by far, the gentlest, also safest, holistic therapeutic approach than any other to treating patients. As I got into the nitty-gritty of my clinical practice of homeopathy, my belief turned into conviction.

What has been your personal and professional experience as a doctor?  

Being a doctor has its perks. It’s, indeed, a blessing too to be recognised as a physician in our social setting — yet, it is an equally demanding profession, requiring great dedication and focused commitment towards our patients’ well-being. What I do is simply accept patients, whoever they are, irrespective of their background, or medical history. This, I believe, holds the key to treating them without bias, or prejudice, as also preconceived notions — and, when they get over their health issues and greet me with a happy smile on their face, it sure makes my day. I feel blessed in the process, no less.

What unique and special skills you think you have that has made the big difference for your patients?

I agree that doctors are often ‘gifted’ with the healing touch — for their patients. My strength is: I’m friendly, caring, also professional. I endeavour to understand them and their illness — from every possible angle. This includes their personality, or individuality, and also idiosyncrasies — not merely the illness, or disease, in isolation. This helps me to communicating with them, and treating their illness, in the best manner possible.

What is your best definition of optimal wellness and why? 

Optimal wellness is harmonious balance — physical, psychological and social.

Your ‘best’ case?

A nine-month-old baby, with severe burns on her right upper limbs, caused by a quirk — hot water. It was a holiday and no proper hospital treatment was available. The parents sought my help out of utter desperation. I treated the baby with the homeopathic Calendula and banana leaf dressing for three weeks. It worked — the healing outcome was truly remarkable. This was, indeed, the turning point in my early days of clinical practice.

Your ‘not-so-good’ case?

A patient with breast cancer [late stage] came to seek homeopathy, as a supportive line of treatment. I’d, however, not do much, owing to the nature of her rapidly progressing illness and other complications.

What appeals to you the most?

Simplicity, sincerity and hard work.

What annoys you the most?  


Your favourite book? 

A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini.

Your favourite joke? 

Any good, decent joke.

Your favourite song?

Tune O Rangeele Kaisa Jadu Kiya [Kudrat/1981/Lata Mangeshkar/Majrooh Sultanpuri/R D Burman].

Your favourite movie?  

There are just far too many of them. I feel that selecting a few would not do justice to others on my all-time favourite list.

Your favourite TV, Netflix show? 

The Reign [2013-2017/Laurie McCarthy/Stephanie Sengupta/Adelaide Kane/Megan Follows/Celina Sinden].

Your other interests, or hobbies? 

Travelling, music, dancing.

Your goal in life? 

Spreading happiness and love; also, taking care of my patients, with gentle homeopathy, in the best manner possible — because, as Robert Frost said, “The woods are lovely, dark and deep,/But I have promises to keep,/And miles to go before I sleep,/And miles to go before I sleep.”

Dr ARTI NAGRAJ NALLU, BHMS, has been practising homeopathic medicine for over thirteen years. She holds professional certifications in gynaecology and obstetrics, skin and venereal disease, and community health too. Apart from being General Secretary of Homeopathic Female Doctors’ Association Maharashtra [MHFDA], she also dons the role of Director, Glocal Marketing Solutions Pvt Ltd, and Staycation Marketing Solutions Pvt Ltd, with equal flair. A recipient of CNBC and ZEE News Award [2021-22], for her entrepreneurial dynamism, she lives in Navi Mumbai, India.

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