‘The Joy Of Living Well’

Kiara ADVANI-MALHOTRA on beauty, health, fitness and wellness.

Your view on beauty?  

Beauty, for me, is more about how you feel rather than how you appear. It is also, any which way one looks at it, just about feeling at ease, not merely in and with my own skin, but in every manner of one’s being too. 

Your ‘take’ on fitness?  

Fitness is just as vital as good health and wellness. I follow a three-fold exercise formula, viz., kick-boxing, gymnastics and dance. I also love the challenge — the learning and mastering of a new skill. Who knows — I may put every new skill I learn to use in my movies someday. Kick-boxing is a sport that needs as much mental strength as physical. Focus is extremely important. I’ve trained in Bharatanatyam and Kathak, and I love contemporary dance forms and hip-hop too. As for gymnastics, I love the manner in which it elevates one’s ‘flexibility quotient.’ 

Your view of health and wellness?  

I avoid gluten, sugar and dairy [well ‘almost’]. Whether it’s exercise, or food, I believe in challenging myself and enjoying the journey to health — rather than depriving, or overworking my body. Internal wellness is just as important as my outward appearance. I start my day with a cup of warm water [with lemon]. In addition to cleansing your system, lemon water offers a great ‘kick-start’ to one’s metabolism, early in the day. My typical breakfast is a bowlful of oats with apples, berries, strawberries, or oranges. I love my pre-workout snack — a bunch of sliced apples and peanut butter. My lunch is mostly ghar ka khana, with simple rotis and vegetables, viz., spinach, pumpkin and sprouts. I steer clear of excess salt and oil. My dinner is no different from my lunch; I change a few vegetables though, while I love to have fish as part of my dinner fare. I’m also a big fan of seafood. I love nibbling on nuts, figs and walnuts too in the course of the day. I’ve my lunch usually by 12:30pm; I prefer to have my dinner early. 

Your ‘take’ on work-life balance?  

I always prioritise my health, also work, and vice versa, in my day-to-day life. A good quality of sleep, I contend, is necessary to stay active throughout your workday. I often try to take short breaks at work for better productivity and to spending good, quality time with friends and family. I try to pick and stick to a new hobby, now and then; this is beneficial for your emotional health as well. I meditate, also relax, for a while, at the ‘thought’ of stress. 

Your mantra to beat stress?  

I make it a point to distinguish between stress and anxiety. Always. Deep breathing exercises help me to calm down. I like to set boundaries; also, ‘me-time.’ I fully believe in the timeless adage, stay here and now, and savour your present-moment — as also each moment. 

KIARA ADVANI-MALHOTRA is one of India’s most stunningly beautiful actresses. She made her acting debut in the comedy film, Fugly [2014]. She went on to star in several commercial and critically successful films, such as the M S Dhoni: The Untold Story [2016], the Netflix anthology film, Lust Stories [2018], and the Telugu political blockbuster, Bharat Ane Nenu [2018], among several other films. She lives with her actor-husband, Sidharth Malhotra, in Mumbai, India. This piece has been collated and curated from material available on the ‘Net [Kiara Advani-Malhotra. Photo, Courtesy: Wikipedia].

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