The Ferrum Effect

Words: Dr Barbara ETCOVITCH

The analysis of a homeopathic remedy is always fascinating subject. It reveals a myriad of characteristics associated not only with the substance from which the remedy is derived, but also with the historical, mythological and astronomical framework, which many homeopathic remedies embody.

Ferrum metallicum is an extremely good and interesting example.


Ferrum metallicum is a homeopathic remedy which has strong characteristics of Mars, the mythological God of War and Mars, the planet, which in our solar system lies fourth from the Sun and is conspicuous for the red colour of its light.

Astronomically, Mars is known as the ‘rogue male’ of the planets and is considered to be quite dangerous and likely to be involved in acts of violence. The colour red is appropriately attributed to Mars as it is the colour of fire and anger; it is also the colour of the planet’s surface.

Mars is the leader, the hero, the warrior, and its energy is comprised of fire, passion, assertiveness and independence, being hot and aggressive, destructive, domineering and male. Similar to Mars, the mythical God of War [Dreams: battles, fights] Ferrum metallicum, the remedy, includes issues over power and control, courage and competitiveness.

As with the God of War, Ferrum metallicum is impatient and not easily fatigued when in action [Exhaustion, weakness which comes on during rest], excitable [excitable], easily provoked and moved to wrath [Anger, violent, upset by least contradiction, ailments from anger, vexation].  Ferrum metallicum is restless but easily appeased [Mood alternating, changeable, variable].

There is plenty of energy, albeit there is lack of imagination and vision to exploring uncharted directions. Conversely, the God of War and Ferrum metallicum often cannot accept things as they are and feel that they must change them at all costs [Obstinate, dictatorial, disposition to contradict].

The Metal Connexion

Iron from which Ferrum metallicum is derived makes up 5 per cent of the Earth’s crust and is fourth in abundance behind oxygen, silicon and aluminium. It is the chief constituent of the Earth’s core making up about 35 per cent of it.

The average quantity of iron in the human body is about 4.5gm. It is present in approximately 65 per cent in the form of haemoglobin which transports molecular oxygen from the lungs throughout the body; and 1 per cent in the various enzymes that control intercellular oxidation. Most of the rest is stored in the body for future conversion into haemoglobin [Affinity of the remedy is: circulation, blood vessels, blood, spleen, digestion].

Each molecule of haemoglobin contains four atoms of iron capable of entering into a loose and reversible combination with oxygen to form oxyhaemoglobin. As the blood containing oxygen circulates through the body, oxygen is released to the tissues for cellular respiration. Myoglobin, or muscle haemoglobin, is a compound similar to oxygen that supplies oxygen to the muscles.

Iron may be magnetised but the magnetisation is rapidly lost.

It is reactive chemically. When exposed to atmospheric influences, it is more, or less, rapidly eroded, giving us the familiar rust [Dreads fresh air, draught, faintness].

The colour red evident in both the metal and remedy is seen in the predisposition to flush easily, while several other symptoms are associated with instability and the irregular surging of blood [Face, red; face, red, alternating with paleness].


Astronomy, mythology and the nature of the iron from which Ferrum metallicum is derived provide us with a broader understanding of the homeopathic remedy. Each aspect provides a unique understanding into why the remedy acts as it does and provides us with a broader base from which to define its essence. By using a more inclusive approach to studying a remedy, Ferrum metallicum comes to life and its symptomology is, thus, easily understood.

Dr BARBARA ETCOVITCH is a Classical Homeopath, Interfaith Minister, freelance writer, and lecturer. She has a BA from Sir George Williams University, a MA in Literature from the University of Ottawa, Canada, and a Diploma in Classical Homeopathy from the School of Homeopathy, Devon, England. She was ordained by the All Faiths Seminary International in New York City in 2004. She has been in homeopathic practice for 30+ years treating human and animals alike, from her office in Montreal, Canada, and worldwide via Skype and WhatsApp.

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