‘That Zen Connect In Life’

Priydarshani DUSA responds to ThinkWellness360 questionnaire.

Your view on beauty?

Beauty is all about perception — of how you perceive things in your mind. This may be one’s outwardly appearance, a certain quality, or inferred experience. Being an art lover, I find beauty in colours. Art is expression of thoughts, also emotions. It is a way of communication — from one mind to another. The magical beauty on canvas — which is tantamount to the real world, be it the sunrise, or sunset, a gloomy wintery setting, or wonderful spring, every color palette change, I believe, brings joy to my heart. Colours are not just beautiful — they emote a subtle, dainty feeling like no other.

Your ‘take’ on fitness?

Well, physical and mental fitness are important in our life. As long as you are getting enough sleep, eating balanced, nutritious food, working out, or taking a brisk walk, you’ve made a huge difference for yourself. All the same, you need to pay attention to your mental and emotional health too. This is equally important for better harmony, also stability, in life. Listen to music, watch an engaging movie, read a humorous book, and involve yourself into doing activities that you like. It all helps. Remember: healing thyself from within is important too.

Your view of health and wellness?

I believe that wellness is all about self-awareness — and, preventing and managing any ‘premonitory’ signs that your body gives. Preventive measures taken early are always helpful. It helps you augment your mental and physical wellness; it keeps you strong, happy and healthy. The more alert you are about your well-being, the better you’ll take care of your health. I strongly feel the environment around you, or your surroundings, play a major role. Surround yourself with positivity, also creativity — they will cumulatively make you a happier, productive and healthier person. As they say, a happy mind leads a happy life.

Your ‘take’ on work-life balance?

In today’s hectic, also chaotic work-life, or life-work [im]balance, we often tend to forget to live our own lives — a life of our own. That ‘me-time’ is really important. I’m a housewife — which a majority of people think is an easy job. But, remember, there is more to being a housewife, or homemaker, than just preparing a meal and looking after your family. To cope with my 24×7 work-life equation, I make sure I give equal time for myself. This involves painting, listening to music, learning a dance form, or, maybe, choreography too.

Your mantra to beat stress?

Music and friends. My immediate go-to stress buster is music. It has magical healing powers; it takes me into the Zen mode, or the middle path. I just love its serene connect. On the other hand, when it comes to my friends, they are a crucial part of my life. Talking to them helps me understand every situation better. They are always there, when I feel the urge to open up [to someone]. They are my biggest support. I’d also add adventurous activities, whenever I can, or going to a spa, too. They rejuvenate me, no less.

PRIYDARSHANI DUSA, BTech [Industrial Engineering], worked as a Consultant with the Poona Divisional Productivity Council, Pune, Maharashtra, for over five years. Now a homemaker and an ardent sports buff, Dusa loves to travel, learn painting, craft, dance, and explore adventurous activities. She lives in Navi Mumbai, India.

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