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Dr Anil Kumar SANTAPUR responds to ThinkWellness360 questionnaire:

Why and how did you think of becoming a doctor?

This happened, first and foremost, because I was much impressed by Dr Nageshwar Reddy, a senior doctor in Hyderabad, when he treated my mother. The way he approached patients, so professionally, also compassionately, was incredibly impressive. He was instrumental, in more ways than one, for me to becoming a doctor.

What made you think of, study, and specialise in the system of medicine you now practice?

That gentle, safe, holistic approach to treatment, the fundamental tenet of homeopathy, propelled me to study and practice it — to serve patients with that ‘patient-first’ principle.

What has been your personal and professional experience as a doctor?

It’s greatly satisfying, also endearing, personally and professionally, to treating different patients, also different types of cases, practically every day. This also becomes more than merely cherishing each day with new patients and/or new cases. When a patient sports a cheerful smile with their health issue resolved, or treated well, it makes my day.

What unique and special skills do you think you have that have made a big difference for your patients?

I think it’s my purpose, quality of treatment and approachability, to my patients.

What is your best definition of optimal wellness and why?

It’s, in my view, the right balance, or harmony, of physical, mental, emotional health and wellness — one that enables all of us to function and live vibrantly well.

Your ‘best’ case?

There are more than a handful of them — in fact, a large number of them during my 20-year career. A case of chronic, allergic bronchitis, for the sake of illustration, maybe just one of them. The case, I’m told, did not respond to the best one could, perhaps, do with modern, or conventional, medicine.

Your ‘not-so-good’ case?

Well, I believe that no doctor is exempt from such cases. I also believe in the adage, “Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavour.” The credo is simple, also profound. You learn from such cases, and this makes you a much better doctor; also, a good human being.

What appeals to you the most?

Simplicity and hard work. I always try to practice the two ideals to the best extent possible — day-in and day-out.

What annoys you the most?

The lack of time sense.

Your favourite book?

Maharshi Bodha. A collection of Sri Ramana Maharshi’s answers to questions covering a vast array of spiritual and allied topics.

Your favourite joke?

I love good, quality jokes from Telugu movies, more so the scintillating jokes of my favourite director, Trivikram Srinivas, in his films.

Your favourite song?

Kisi ki muskurahato pe ho nisaar [Anari/Shailendra/Mukesh//Shankar-Jaikishan].

Your favourite movie?

Jai Bheem  

Your favourite TV, Netflix show?

Kapil Sharma Show

Your other interests, or hobbies?

Watching cricket

Your goal in life?

To do my best to my patients always, and with the most appropriate homeopathic treatment; also empathetic concern and intent.

Dr ANIL KUMAR SANTAPUR, BHMS, MD [Hom], a homeopath of repute, has over 20+ years of clinical and corporate experience. He is also an active member of the Indian Homeopathic Medical Association [IMHA] and the Indian Institute of Homeopathic Physicians [IIHP]. He lives in Hyderabad, India.

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