‘One Thing At A Time’

Kriti SANON on beauty, fitness, health and wellness.

Your view on beauty?

Beauty, in my view, is more than skin deep. It’s not just your face; it is your mind too that reflects beauty. Being comfortable with yourself is what beauty is all about. I follow the most basic rules of skin care — cleansing, toning, and moisturising. Sunscreen, for me, is indispensable. Just think of it: air-conditioners, bathing soaps, cosmetics, and other factors, are perpetrators that rob your skin of its moisture. I, therefore, believe in conscientiously applying a good, natural moisturiser, especially on my face and hands to keeping my skin well-nourished.

Your ‘take’ on fitness? 

Fitness is everything. The more fit you are, the better it is for your health and wellness.

My workout is a fusion of different activities: from yoga to kickboxing, and from Pilates to dancing. This keeps me in fine fettle. 

  • Dance. 2-3 times a week. This is invariably a mix of jazz, Bollywood, contemporary dance styles and also salsa
  • Kickboxing. I love the exercise, just as much as dancing
  • Pilates. One hour, 4-5 times a week — to improve my balance, flexibility and stamina
  • Weight Training. 4-5 times a week
  • Yoga. Yoga and pranayama are part of my daily regimen — to keep my body and mind in congruence. 

Your view of health and wellness?

I believe in being comfy with my body and skin type. It is important to remain healthy; it is, likewise, equally important to be comfortable with yourself and love your body. Everybody is as unique as their fingerprint, or signature, internally and also externally — this holds good too for your anatomy and physiology. True health, wellness, fitness and a balanced mind emerge from deep within. I would like to look at health as being in harmony and in sync with a good immune system, flexible, yet firm, mind and body, along with strength and stamina. When you’re comfortable doing all the daily routines, or chores, in tune with your age, and needs, you are healthy and also fit.

My basic diet plan —

  • Breakfast. 2 eggs, 2 brown slices of bread, a glass of fresh fruit juice, or protein shake
  • Lunch. 2 chapattis with brown rice; vegetables, or fish
  • Evening snack. A cup of corn, or protein shake
  • Dinner. Chicken curry with steamed rice. Or, at times, dal with rice and vegetables.

Your ‘take’ on work-life balance?

This is a must in our frenzied times. I like to prioritise things, because it helps me save time and energy. This allows me to set the so-called perfect balance between work and personal life. When you maintain this balance, you are promoting your own wellness and are, doubtless, happy, and also balanced — or, satisfied with your work, also home, and feeling fulfilled. This reflects in your professional work and behaviour too, as also people you meet and work with.

Your mantra to beat stress?

Everyone, be it actors, technicians, and others, in our industry, have tensions and stresses in life. When you work, you have to switch off your personal life, also persona, completely and transform yourself into someone else whose character, or individuality, also idiosyncrasy, you’ve to emote on the screen. This can get complex. It can lead to stress. The only way you’d take control of yourself is by having a ‘clear’ attached sense of detachment, along with a detached sense of attachment. When stress ‘hits’ me, I get into the meditative mood, listen to soft music, or visualise — and, take things, one thing at a time, without sweating the small, or big, stuff.

KRITI SANON is one of India’s top movie actresses. She appears primarily in Hindi films. She made her film debut in Nenokkadine [Telugu], and she won her first Filmfare Award for ‘Best Female Debut’ — for her riveting performance in the action-packed Hindi movie, Heropanti. She’s made it to Forbes India‘s Celebrity 100 List and she has also launched her own line of clothing, while endorsing a host of products, brands, among others. This piece has been collated and curated from material available on the ‘Net [Kriti Sanon. Photo, Courtesy: Bollywood Hungama]. She lives in Mumbai, India.

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