Medicine: My Life. My Work

Dr Pravin N MHATRE responds to ThinkWellness360 questionnaire:   

Why and how did you think of becoming a doctor? 

I had, right from my formative years, a fascination for the human body, and its myriad intricate mechanisms that work with amazing symmetry, also synchrony. Its basic science, or understanding, from the inside out, was of equal interest to me. Not just theoretical learning, but practicing and applying it, in the true sense of the word, was my dream, no less, and medicine provided the best possible answer that I was looking for.

What made you think of, study and specialise in the system of medicine you now practice? 

After graduating in medicine I had several specialities open to me for post-graduation. Neurophysiology was my choice; however, gynaecology offered me the equally fascinating area of reproduction, new life study, and regeneration in the human body.

What has been your personal and professional experience as a doctor? 

I consider myself lucky, because I have not only practised my subject of interest, but I’ve also pursued my passion for teaching. The best part — as Professor Emeritus, I will be associated with teaching till my last breath. Besides, thanks to my research, I have been exposed to several areas of rare human diseases — it’s so fulfilling that I’ve found solutions for some of them that affect, or have affected, our unfortunate fellow citizens.

What unique and special skills you think you have that has made the big difference for your patients? 

Yes, the most important thing is something I’d summarise in one sentence: ‘Being a skilled student for life.’ Also, acquiring knowledge, reading, and assimilating, on a regular basis, translating, and putting it into practice has made the big difference.

What is your best definition of optimal wellness and why?  

No human being is perfect and, therefore, apart from treating medical illness I have always endeavoured to offer lifestyle, psychological and spiritual support and overall health correction guidance, also tips, to my patients. This is, what in my view, construes complete, or optimal, wellness.

Your best case? 

When I performed the ‘World’s First Successful Ovarian Transplant,’ after 20 years of relentless research and persuasion. This is one of my best, also landmark, research put into practice too.

Your ‘not-so-good’ case?  

The emergence and practice of onco-surgery has been my passion, no less. I consider myself to be an aggressive cancer surgeon. However, the downside is — ovarian cancer patients have poor prognosis [the likely course of a given disease]. Losing them, in spite of offering them the best that is available, is something that I reckon as my ‘not-so-good’ case-in-point.

What appeals to you the most?

Knowledge and sincerity to your chosen field.

What annoys you the most? 

Not ready to learn.

Your favourite book?

P G Wodehouse — all books.

Your favourite song? 

I Just Called to Say I Love You — Stevie Wonder.

Your favourite movie?

Sound of Music [1965].

Your other interests, or hobbies?  

Reading, music, travelling; good, but healthy food, etc.,

Your goal in life? 

To use my medical skills to the utmost, and take it to the next level, for my patients. To carry on my research in unexplored, or unmapped, fields of medicine.

Dr PRAVIN N MHATRE, MD, FCPS, DGO, DFP, is Professor Emeritus at G S Medical College, KEM Hospital, and B J Wadia Hospital for Children, Parel, Mumbai. He has the unique distinction of performing the ‘World’s First Successful Ovarian Transplant.’ His landmark work was hailed by BBC World and BBC London as “The significant medical achievement of 2002.” Dr Mhatre has not only laid the foundation for the First Ovarian Bank [2005], his pioneering research in the field of Vaginoplasty-Progenitor Cell & MRKH Genetics has received critical acclaim across the globe. A recipient of the President’s Medal for Honorary Team Family Planning Work, Dr Mhatre has been felicitated with ‘Mayor’s Civic Gold Medal’ and Citation for ‘Maharashtra Ratna 2005.’ Dr Mhatre has lectured and also presented his work across the world and published more than 60 research and review papers in international and national peer-reviewed journals. He has authored a dozen, or more, chapters in academic tomes too. He lives in Mumbai.

3 thoughts on “Medicine: My Life. My Work

  1. Archana Paralkar says:

    Amazing interview, Sir! You are an excellent doctor; a super human being. My little one is a blessing in my life, because of your care, guidance and support.

  2. Dr Jyoti Mete says:

    Amazing; the interview unveils a great personality, who is, in fact, simplicity personified. Dr Mhatre, you’re so passionate about your profession. I call you a genius in your own right. Hats off to you for your dedication and exemplary work!

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