Make Resolutions Count

Make resolutions

Words: Jawahar NIDAMBOOR

Make resolutions by all means, but make sure they are not always New Year resolutions… Well, that you’ve now made your resolve, or resolution — go ahead. This could be losing weight, giving up a bad habit, or streamlining things at home, or the workplace.

Before you do anything, just check your resolutions — once again. To make sure you are in sync with them. If, for instance, you have just feasted on chocolates, especially on an urge, or in a moment of stress, it won’t mean that your resolution has gone down the drain. Far from it.

All you now need to do is derive comfort from the fact that you remember your resolution and opportunity, and do your best to take care of it, the next time. This will bring about the desired change.

Or, you’d sure make another choice — like not taking your eyes off your resolution while looking at the chocolates, down the line. Once you do this, you will not only become more resolute and firm, but you will also get closer to implementing change in your life.

Also, remember — never choose a resolution that you have not been able to, or cannot, keep for long, year after year. If you do, and ‘fracture’ your own ground, you will carry negative feelings about your ability to accomplish any goal.

If you choose achievable goals that you believe in and can manage with comparative acceptance, you’ll find the ‘big’ resolutions to also quickly fall into place. They will no longer be as impossible as they were earlier. Better still — you will be able to conquer them.

Another good, handy idea you’d use to achieve your resolutions is an ‘assurance calendar’ with apparent targets marked. It’s just not enough if you write them, or only look at them quickly on a daily basis. Remember — it’s only when you look at your goals intensely, every day, will it give you good visual support of achievement.

Furthermore, it will provide you the platform to move targets as and when needed. It will also give you the big thrust — not just to your self-confidence, but also to re-examine your progress.

  • Talk to a friend
  • Get involved in a cause, or sport activity. After all, all of us need to be applauded once in a while
  • Practice, as and when possible. There’s no greater joy than to achieving something on your own — it’s a feeling that only you would be fully privy to. It will also give you the stability to move forward, meet your goals and resolutions with success.

Yes, when you achieve something, pamper yourself with a gift, or present. Little things, all right, but they will matter a great deal to you — to keep your resolution flag flying high. It will also help you move forward to your next resolution.

Agreed, that, you can’t sure achieve rewards, if you don’t move forward. If you want to do well at the workplace, or fill the ‘gaps’ that you feel is stalling your growth in your job, or getting fit, for instance, there are no two ways about it — all you need to do is lose your weight, and keep it that way. Not for the short-term, but for the long-term.

You should also bear in mind that it is best to limit your resolutions. Don’t have more than two at any given point of time — yes, this will make you feel that you can achieve them.

Else, it will be difficult for you to make up your mind — especially in the event you have just too many of them. Also, under no circumstance, should you ever squander your resolutions. Because — if you can’t keep the score, you are not fulfilling them.

Nothing can work to the best of plans. But, if you make a determined effort, which you know you can — like some of the things you have achieved in life and at the workplace — you always will.

JAWAHAR NIDAMBOOR, BPharm, MSc [UK], in Industrial Pharmaceutics, PGD in Drug Regulatory Affairs, and PGD in Marketing Management, is a marketing and communications professional, registered pharmacist, independent researcher, teacher, life coach, scientific and popular writer, and co-author of four books on natural health and wellness. He is, at present, Senior Manager-Scientific Content [Pharmaceuticals/Medicine/Healthcare] with MediaMedic Communications. He lives in Navi Mumbai, India.

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