‘Life Is Balance Personified’

Smriti MANDHANA on beauty, fitness, health and wellness 

Your view on beauty?

Beauty, in my view, is something that is natural. It has got nothing to do with one’s skin colour, or tone. There’s beauty in everything — everyone looks good when you see them without prejudice. I pamper my skin with the best body lotion there is — to protect myself from the bright sun and pollutants. I neither have the time nor the proclivity to using multiple products… I’m a vegetarian by choice; so, I include a lot of protein shakes, eggs and soy in my meals. Protein helps me to firming up and revitalising my skin. Soy boosts collagen production; it keeps my skin glowing.

Your ‘take’ on fitness? 

I stick to light workouts before a match. When I’m not playing, I sweat it out regularly at the gym and also run. A regular workout routine makes you fitter and stronger, it also gives you a flawless skin. Exercise increases blood flow — this means your body is carrying more oxygen and nutrients to your skin. I often go for a ‘sweat-centric’ detox — it definitely helps. Exercise also helps you to sleep better. The result is no dark circles. Muscle strength is my strong point; also focus. I focus on endurance too. My favourite workouts are strength training and running.

Your view of health and wellness?

I believe that it is important to remain healthy and, at the same time, be comfortable with yourself. Everybody is as unique as their signature — this holds good for your mind and body too. Optimal health reflects a sound mind in a sound body — from deep within. I look at health and wellness as being in sync with a good immune system, along with strength and resilience.

Your ‘take’ on work-life balance?

I like to prioritise things, because it helps me save time and energy. I do not believe in the so-called perfect balance between work, that is cricket for me, and personal life. You just need to manage them well, one thing at a time — this helps you to balance and promote your wellness quotient. It also makes you happy, and satisfied with your work and home, with the added advantage of feeling fulfilled. This will reflect well in your professional work [on the field], as also the people you meet, or work with, off the field.

Your mantra to beat stress?

Cooking, when the time, or place, permits is nothing short of a relaxation therapy for me. Meditation and other relaxation practices, including music, unwinds me. Quality sleep is just as important: it helps your body to repair itself. It also improves your cognitive function — this holds the key in cricket, as in any other sport, or vocation. Lack of sleep is a clear invite to stress. I avoid getting glued to TV before I sleep; on the other hand, I opt for a restorative ‘shut-eye,’ to tune myself mindfully into a good slumber, and reap its health benefits, while keeping stress at a distance. Focused relaxation brings out the best in all of us — be it cricket, workplace, home, or relationship. It helps us to be receptive, and accepting — without being judgmental. This holds the key to usher in balance and harmony with oneself and others — including the environment too.

SMRITI MANDHANA needs no introduction. She is one of India’s top cricketers with a huge fan following and recipient of two prestigious awards — the Best Women’s International Cricketer [BCCI; 2018] and the Rachael Heyhoe-Flint Award for the Best Female Cricketer of the Year [ICC; 2018]. She lives in Sangli, Maharashtra, India. This piece has been collated and curated from material available on the ‘Net. Smriti Mandana: Photo: Courtesy: Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports [GODL-India].

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