Life Is A Mariner’s Compass


Words: Dr Rajgopal NIDAMBOOR

Life is the most complex material fact. It shows chemical and physical properties of matter. It is so simple; it is also composite. Take, for instance, beach sand. It is nothing, but silicon dioxide — the core of your personal computer.

This does not mean that your gadget is a heap of sand. Far from it. In like manner, our life is illustrated not by its chemical constituents, but by their behaviour.

This is also reason why life repairs, maintains, recreates and outshines itself. Just think of the frenetic activity around us — right from billions of cells that drive us through life, not to speak of the workings of nature, or the changing of seasons.

In other words, life sifts and surfs over matter like a slow, measured wave — a form of controlled, or artistic, revolution. It is also a part of the time and space continuum. It tells us that we are not all too special and independent, but a part of the gamut of life.

Put simply, the whole idea relates to awareness of our being, our existence and thinking processes. It also includes our diversity and evolution — they are the surplus elements of life.

Notwithstanding such an understanding, it is strange that we continue to live more in our heads rather than in the wholeness of our being.

Wholeness Wellness

It is time we aimed at cultivating the wholeness of our being and relating ourselves more to our mind and body, heart, and soul. Because, the wholeness of our being presents to us all the elements we can hear, see, or perceive, in the never-ending activity of our mind and body.

In realistic terms, it is our innate ability to explore our own inner resources to the full is what living well is all about — a key quality that helps us to turning things around from the inside out.

It is this god-given gift that offers us the opportunity to participate in our own spheres of activity and enterprise — to live well in amazing and unimagined ways.

This brings us to what makes natural well-being an exploration — an inner discipline for learning to meet and enter with attentiveness the challenges innate to taking care of ourselves and serving others.

It also has more than a fusion of workable techniques and mind exercises, including yoga and meditation, in its range, derived from the fascinating world of complementary, alternative and also integrative medicine, including spirituality.

Harmony Elevated

When such a state of mindfulness is cultivated, or aroused, it turns harmonious relationships within our being into a global speciality of healthy partnerships and reciprocated communication. In the process, it not only elevates the universal and independent nature of our own life and welfare, but also of others — to emerge from difficulties into obvious wholeness and serenity.

What can drive us to achieve this balance is meditation — the source of our blossoming, a tool to change ourselves. Meditation, or the power of contemplation, is nothing short of the mariner’s compass.

It is nature’s boat for wading through countless unknown waves, the inner and outer turmoil, and leading a life beyond mere existence.

Dr RAJGOPAL NIDAMBOOR, PhD, is a wellness physician-writer-editor, independent researcher, critic, columnist, author and publisher. His published work includes hundreds of newspaper, magazine, web articles, essays, meditations, columns, and critiques on a host of subjects, eight books on natural health, two coffee table tomes and an encyclopaedic treatise on Indian philosophy. He is Chief Wellness Officer, Docco360 — a mobile health application/platform connecting patients with Ayurveda, homeopathic and Unani physicians, and nutrition therapists, among others, from the comfort of their home — and, Editor-in-Chief, ThinkWellness360. 

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