Homeopathy For COVID-19 Lockdowns

Words: Dr Barbara ETCOVITCH

The past two years have been a wild, agonising ride for everyone. Across the globe, in addition to prolonged episodes of physical illness, people have been faced with long periods of separation, loneliness and loss as the result of an invisible enemy that has been ‘used’ to create fear too.

We have forgotten our divinity and power. Our creativity has been stifled, and the trust in our ability to stay centred in order to remain well and/or heal has been lost.

With the physical effects of the COVID-19 pandemic seemingly on the decline, as we now hope, it is  time to deal with its residual influence on our mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Our focus must now shift from a preoccupation with an unseen adversary insulated by fear to recreating a sense of wellness and empowerment.

Fortunately, we are not alone in this endeavour as we can call upon the brilliant system of medicine known as Classical Homeopathy for assistance and support on this journey to healing.

Homeopathy Understands

Homeopathy understands that all the symptoms we experience during a state of ‘dis-ease’ are merely a language designed to inform us that our ‘vital force,’ or chi, or prana — the divine energy that animates all life — is in a state of imbalance or dis-ease. It teaches us to follow the individual symptom-picture of a case provided in order to rebalance that vital energy and re-establish a healthy state of being.

By matching the symptom-picture of the person presenting with a state of imbalance to that which is known to exist in one of the many thousands of remedies in the homeopathic Materia Medica, the vital force can be returned to a balanced state. Thus, ‘like cures like.’

In addition to tracing the complete symptom picture, energetic imbalances can also be addressed by emphasising the aetiology [cause] and/or trauma from which the state of dis-ease has sprung.

In the COVID-19 pandemic, the mental, emotional and spiritual energy disruptions have been largely a result of the unprecedented lockdowns thrust upon us and have for the most outweighed the physical ramifications of the virus.

The following is a description of some of the homeopathic remedies that have the potential to ‘cure’ the distress being experienced due to the worldwide lockdowns imposed over the last two years.

Overall, this pandemic has thrust the general population into a consistently fuelled state of fear, anxiety and anticipation. For these conditions, Arsenicum album, and Argenticum nitricum, are two prominent homeopathic remedies that come to the forefront.

Arsenicum Album [White arsenic]

Arsenicum is a deadly poison and in its potentised homeopathic profile presents fear of disease, poverty, decline and death. We find tremendous restlessness and anxiety, despair of recovery and a constant need to be reassured, making it an excellent prescription for a large number of lockdown sufferers.

Argentum Nitricum [Silver nitrate]

The person in an Argentum nitricum ‘condition’ exists in a state of perpetual anticipation. There is a fear of accidents, health and hospitals and an inability to face the day ahead. The symptoms of the remedy which are ‘similar’ to those of many lockdown sufferers make it a successful treatment.

A large segment of the world’s population has also emerged from the lockdowns in a state of tremendous grief for what has been lost, or destroyed. The two following homeopathic ‘grief’ remedies are among those that can address this state.

Ignatia Amara [St Ignatius bean]

Ignatia is one of the homeopathic ‘go to’ remedies for those experiencing grief over disappointment and/or loss. In Ignatia we usually see multiple griefs.

The despair and grief experienced as a result of the destruction of one’s familiar way of life, the way one has earned living, and the loss — almost overnight — of everything that has been valued leads to a remedy called Aurum metallicum.

Aurum Metallicum [Gold]

The Aurum metallicum condition often stems from the tremendous ‘overinvestment’ in one or more things and their subsequent loss. The pandemic lockdowns have done just that. Numerous established and start-up business have failed, or been driven into bankruptcy. Monetary and personal investments have been lost, and the creativity associated with business ventures has been stifled. Aurum is a remedy with a strong capacity to ‘cure’ grief, deep depressions and joyless existences. It is well suited to address the symptoms of many lockdown victims.

One of the most insidious situations the lockdowns have created is the separation and alienation of members of the family. The elderly were — and still are — isolated and prevented from interacting with family members. Loved ones are hospitalised for the virus, or other reasons, or were in hospital alone, and often died alone. Decent burials frequently never took place.

The lockdowns prevented children from interacting with one another and from innocently hugging parents, grandparents and friends. Their days were — and, in many instances still are — spent in front of computer screens which prevent any social collaboration and require a good deal of concentration well beyond the capacity of a young child.

Young adults missed out on the social situations so important to their development.

For these situations homeopathic trauma remedies such as Buddleia and Berlin Wall can produce valuable results. 

Buddleia Davidii [Butterfly Bush]

This is a shrubby plant that grows anywhere there has been devastation. It has been referred to as the ‘emotional bombshell’ and is a trauma remedy well-suited to the problems created as a result of the lockdowns.

Buddleia can be prescribed for people who are going through too much at the same time; where one is overwhelmed and unable to live fluidly. It is suitable for children who have been pushed too hard and for adults who are functioning to their maximum capacity.

For imbalances that manifest as feelings of oppression and separation, panic, terror, and a need to escape, Berlin Wall, with its similar picture, is a good prescription.

Berlin Wall [The Berlin Wall]

Sufferings of the family are paramount in Berlin Wall. People are cut off and in a dark world. Circumstances have isolated the individual and normal expression is not possible. To survive, one takes the path of least resistance.

The situation of Berlin Wall mimics much of what was experienced in the lockdowns and when these factors are at play, a prescription of Berlin Wall will serve to ‘break down the wall’ and allow healing to begin.

The ‘Coming Back To Life’ Prescription

A prescription for ‘coming back to life’ is found in the homeopathic remedy, Ayahuasca. 

Ayahuasca [Vine of the soul; vine of the dead]

Ayahuasca is an integral part of many indigenous cultural traditions where it is used to facilitate deep levels of insight and awareness.

As a potentised substance [the homeopathic remedy] it assists in developing self-realisation and generates insight into long-standing problems in one’s life. It can be effectively used in cases where there is suffering and feelings of oppression.

The homeopathic Ayahuasca allows us to recognise and embrace our inner freedom and find our inner voice. It assists individuals who are in a state of hopelessness and those who have lost sight of the aims and purposes of their life. The remedy is of benefit, therefore, for a final step in the journey back to good, optimal health.

Editor-In-Chief’s Note: Homeopathy: Mind-Body Medicine

Homeopathy is mind-body medicine. It emphasises that the mind and body are inseparable and seamlessly integrated — the sum of the parts and part of the whole.

This, according to homeopathic principles, is fundamental to evaluating and treating mind-body types and illness states.

A homeopathic remedy is prescribed for the complete personality type, or group of physical, emotional and psychological symptoms — not just for a particular symptom of a given illness. This is analogous to clinical psychology, which recognises the existence of ‘archetypal’ personality types.

Each personality type or typology, in homeopathy, relates to a unique, individual context, which is as distinctive as your fingerprint. If, for example, you present with a migraine-type of headache, your homeopathic physician will not only look at the character of pain, but also factors that make the problem better, or worse. This includes your emotional, mental or behavioural patterns, physical symptoms, past or present history and illnesses in the family, food sensitivities, likes or dislikes, mind-body responses to weather, or temperature changes, energy and concentration levels at different times of the day, gut health, bowel movement, urinary symptoms and menstrual dynamics in women — along with mood changes related to moon phases.

Let us cull a few examples of the homeopathic personality, or constitution [individuality] types, or archetypes.

The homeopathic remedy, Arsenicum album, for example, typifies a distinct, overriding sense of insecurity, or apprehension for one’s own health and bank balance. The Arsenicum personality type, therefore, ‘saves’ everything for the rainy day, dreading health, job or financial loss. This is heightened by the presence of emotional symptoms — irritability, anxiety and restlessness. Most symptoms ‘peak’ at midnight, be it fever, or allergic asthma.

Calcarea carbonica, which is made from oyster shell, encases an ‘encased’ personality. Such types need to hold onto something ‘rock-solid’ to feel secure. Ironically, however, the Calcarea persona is submissive. Calcarea children and adults alike are fat and slow ‘homely’ types — always busy watching TV, or nibbling on potato chips for comfort — RN

Dr BARBARA ETCOVITCH is a Classical Homeopath, Interfaith Minister, freelance writer, and lecturer. She has a BA from Sir George Williams University, a MA in Literature from the University of Ottawa, Canada, and a Diploma in Classical Homeopathy from the School of Homeopathy, Devon, England. She was ordained by the All Faiths Seminary International in New York City in 2004. She has been in homeopathic practice for 30+ years treating human and animals alike, from her office in Montreal, Canada, and worldwide via Skype.

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  1. Elizabeth Adalian says:

    This is an excellent article and so pertinent. I have been engaged with this subject ever since the outbreak of the pandemic and so I agree that the enforced isolation will have much more devastating effects over time than the physical manifestations of this disease. Thanks so much for expressing it so pertinently and highlighting certain remedies for the reader to gain the true worth of homeopathy in such an extraneous circumstance.

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