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Sonakshi sinha on beauty

Sonakshi SINHA on beauty, health, fitness and wellness. 

Sonakshi Sinha made her Bollywood debut in Dabangg [2010] opposite Salman Khan. The film went on to become the highest earning Bollywood movie of the year. Apart from critics’ appreciation for her work, Sinha also received the Filmfare award for the best female debutant. She went on to play the leading lady’s role in some of Bollywood’s runaway hits, thereafter. As a result, she was acknowledged by ETC Business Awards, at one time, as the highest-earning artiste at the box-office.

She may be relishing her stardom today, but there’s a great deal of effort that she had put in to light up the big screen. Just think of it. There was a time when she weighed 90kg — a big ‘no’ for a lead actress. But, good intent was evident. The manner, or mode, through which she shed all that extra bulk and propelled to eminence is what success stories are made of, and dreams, no less, fulfilled. 

Your view on beauty?

You ought to look not just good, but also ‘feel’ healthy from the inside out. Our tinsel industry needs actors, especially actresses, to look beautiful, because the mass media and the paparazzi are right out there wherever we go, or turn. What to do — we just don’t have a choice. Well, honestly speaking, the profession that we are into is too demanding — we have to be careful, also gentle, with our skin and the cosmetic products we use. It is not necessary that one has to put on a lot of make-up to look good. I look good without my make-up too [giggles]. I have got my mother’s beautiful genes; hence, I look good.

Your ‘take’ on fitness?  

Fitness, also wellness, is not just about your body, it’s also about your state of mind. I adhere to a strict regimen for my physical fitness and good diet to maintain my overall health. I begin my day with a glass of warm water, honey and lime juice. I follow it with a light breakfast that includes low-fat milk, cereals and a whole wheat toast. I consume a good fill of veggies for my lunch. This provides me with all the essential vitamins and minerals. I keep sipping green tea between meals to ‘fill’ my body with antioxidants. I just don’t eat any carbohydrates after 6:00pm. 

  • I visit the gym every day
  • I do regular spinning, or cycling, on a stationary exercise cycle
  • I do weight training, 4-5 times a week
  • I’ve been performing ‘hot’ yoga to tone my body [‘Hot’ yoga is working on various postures in a steamed room, where the temperature is about 400C]. I prefer yoga over aerobics
  • I love playing tennis.

Your view of health and wellness?

I subscribe to the age-old dictum — a healthy mind in a sound, also fit, body. I believe that you have to be able to perform all your bodily functions, have your stamina, have your strength and take care of yourself and people around you. I think this is what we call health and wellness, in their totality, and this is what we should all focus upon. 

  • Breakfast. Cereal and low-fat milk, or a whole wheat toast
  • Mid-morning. Some dry fruits and a cup of green tea
  • Lunch. Home-made roti and sabzi with salad
  • Evening. A fruit, or a cup of green tea
  • Dinner. Usually early, consisting of protein food, like dal, chicken, egg whites and fish. No one suggests that one should stop eating carbs, after six in the evening, but I support the idea of drinking several cups of green tea daily.

I’m okay if I do not fall in the thin, or ‘size-zero’ zone, but the fact is I’m now, perhaps, more fit than before and I stick to my workout, come what may. I admit that I have a tendency to put on weight quickly; so, I make it a point not to miss my exercise schedule and strive to eat healthy — to the best extent possible.

Your ‘take’ on work-life balance? 

It comes from the manner I have been brought up; it’s also come from seeing people within the industry as well. I’ve always wanted to be like my father [Shatrughan ‘Khamosh’ Sinha]. He is the most level-headed person I know… I have seen people who have been ruined by success, more than failure, so I believe it’s important to treat both in the same breath — while bringing balance to anything you do. Life, work, or even relaxation, including ‘lazing’ around a bit.

Your mantra to beat stress? 

Most of us in the film industry opt for yoga, or indulge in retail therapy, to keep stress at bay, but I love to play with the puppies after a long, and winding, day out — even eight days a week. My stress-busting tip is simple: get your fingers ‘bitten’ gently, and lovingly, after a hard day’s work by naughty, hyperactive puppies. They are my best friends.

SONAKSHI SINHA, a distinguished Indian film actress and singer who works in Hindi films, is the doting daughter of legendary actor, and now politician, Shatrughan, and Poonam Sinha, and a recipient of several top awards, including Filmfare Award. This piece has been collated and curated from material available on the ‘Net. Sonakshi Sinha: Photo: Creative Commons Attribution 2.0

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