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Words: Dr Barbara ETCOVITCH

It was right from the late 1700s up until the early 1800s that Sir Isaac Newton promoted the definition of the universe as being made up of solid objects. Newtonian physics was extended into the 19th century to describe a universe composed of fundamental building blocks called atoms.

Atoms were thought of as being composed of solid objects — nucleus, protons and neutrons with electrons revolving around the nucleus like earth revolves around the sun.

This mechanistic model made the physicists of the early 19th century believe that the universe was a huge mechanical system running according to Newtonian laws of motion. These laws were seen as the basic laws of nature.

The laws held firm to the ideas of absolute time and space and of the physical phenomena as strictly causal in nature. Everything could be described objectively. All physical reactions were seen to have a physical cause. Energy-matter interactions were still unknown.

Similarly, human bodies were experienced [and still are] in a mechanical way. Our existence is defined in terms of absolute, three-dimensional space and linear time.

Newton’s Laws

According to Newton, matter and the atoms of which it is composed are solid material, interacting according to mutable natural laws. He believed that we lived in a clockwork universe precisely held together. Every action in the universe was thought to be the result of a discernible physical cause. Galaxies, stars and planets, all remained in orderly motion through the force of gravity, a pull that kept heavenly bodies circling other larger bodies. His theories led to the delusion that the universe is devoid of mystery.

In the later 19th century new physical phenomena were discovered that could not be described by Newtonian physics. The discovery and investigation of electromagnetic phenomena led to the concept of a field theory — a condition in space which has the potential of producing a force.

Michael Faraday and James Clerk Maxwell believed it more appropriate to use a field concept that says that each charge created a disturbance, or a condition in the space around it so that when the other charge is present it feels a force.

Thus, the concept of a universe filled with fields that create forces that interact with each other was born. Now, there was a scientific framework which could explain our ability to affect each other at a distance through means other than speech and sight.


Albert Einstein published his ‘Special Theory of Relativity,’ in 1905, and shattered all the concepts upon which the Newtonian model was based. He showed that matter isn’t ultimately solid. It is, in fact, shaped and compressed energy.

Jack Sarfatti forwarded the idea that things are more connected or more correlated on a plane of reality above ours. Things in that plane are connected through an even higher plane. Thus, by reaching to a higher plane we may be able to understand how instantaneous connectedness works. Using Sarfatti’s model we begin to see the world of the aura and the universal energy field. Well, in the 1930s, Laurence Bendit and Phoebe Bendit made extensive observations of the human energy field [HEF] and related these fields to health, healing and soul development.

The Holistic Experience 

The holistic experience is outside linear time and three-dimensional space. Physicists state there are no building blocks of matter, rather that the universe is an inseparable whole; a vast web of interacting, interweaving probabilities. Since we are an inseparable part of that whole, we can enter into a holistic state of being, become the whole and tap into the creative powers of the universe to instantaneously heal anyone anywhere. Some healers can do this to a certain degree by merging and becoming one with god and the patient.

Healing and becoming a healer means to move towards this universal creative power which we experience as love by re-identifying self with and becoming universal; becoming one with god. One stepping stone to this wholeness is to let go of our limited self-definitions based on our Newtonian past of separated parts and to identify ourselves with being energy fields.

Our higher bodies [higher auric frequencies] are of a higher order and are more connected to others’ higher bodies than are our physical bodies. As our awareness progresses into higher frequencies and higher bodies, we become more and more connected until we are eventually one with the universe.

As inseparable parts of this whole, it should be possible to enter into a holistic state of being, merge with the whole and tap into creative powers and use these powers to heal ourselves and others anywhere.

The Meditation Experience 

The meditative experience can be defined as an experience of raising our consciousness to a higher frequency, so that it can experience the reality of our higher bodies, our higher consciousness and the higher worlds we exist in.

The Healer

Becoming a healer means to move towards a universal creative power which we experience as love. [Our experiences with love show the power of this union]. We become one with god. One step towards this wholeness is to let go of the Newtonian model which believes in separation of parts and to identify ourselves as beings comprised of energy fields. We will then begin to see and understand the world of the aura and universal energy field. It is there that we can exist in more than one world. Our higher bodies [our higher auric frequencies] are of a higher order and more connected to others’ higher bodies than are our physical bodies.

As our awareness progresses into higher states we become more connected until we are eventually one with the universe.

Meditation raises our consciousness to a higher frequency so that it can experience the reality of our higher bodies, our higher consciousness and the higher worlds we exist in.

A Particular View Of Illness & Healing

What it means to heal —

To heal is to make whole to become closer to wholeness and holiness. Illness is always the bearer of information. They show us where we have wandered from our true path; they compel us to leave our false paths and to ask questions.

Healing consists of freeing the information contained in the illness. To do this it is necessary to ask what the illness means. Illness signifies more than just a malfunctioning of the body. Only if human being is sick can they be made whole. Without sickness there is no healing. When a person becomes ill it suggests that they have strayed from a certain state of order and is no longer living in conformity with inner laws.

Healing is bound up with the process of becoming conscious, a process through which one becomes reconciled to the primal principal from which one is ailing.

Pain comes to all of us to teach us life’s lessons, to focus our soul on what is precious in life. Illness is there to allow us the privilege of finding out where we went wrong and why.

The first step towards healing is awareness. You must have the courage to examine your life and determine whether or not your body, mind and soul are really in balance and the homeopathic consultation attempts to trace the path of the person who has become ill to find out where he has fallen.

Man’s susceptibility to dis-ease is a reflection of his imperfection on a spiritual level [Dr J T Kent, MD, a pioneering homeopath].


Homeopathy is based on a true universal healing principle. If someone had the genius to awaken the world to its startling potential, it would mean a new era for humanity and a renaissance in medicine for homeopathy has to do not only with the physical but with the spiritual development in man, as well.

Dr Samuel Hahnemann, MD, the founder of homeopathy, followed the thinking of the mystics and recognised that there was an invisible energy force that animates all living things. He called this force the dynamis, or vital force.

When illness arose it was because of an imbalance in this vital force, not because of a bacterium, virus, etc., which were the result of the imbalance, not the cause of it. Dr Hahnemann recognised this and taught that symptoms are merely signs of an imbalance in the mental, emotional and physical energies of the body. A person can only become ill because of a primal principle, never on account of bacteria, virus, toxin, etc.

Illness will exhibit itself through symptoms which are signals that can show us how we can be healed. Symptoms are not the illness as modern medicine would like us to believe. Getting rid of symptoms is the least important task. Every time you suppress a symptom in an individual you cause them to avoid confronting their illness and the illness is forced to manifest itself in another way.

Recognising that all illness stem from an energetic plane Dr Hahnemann also realised that all illness must and could be eradicated with medicines that were themselves energetic in origin.

Information As Medicine 

Healing takes place by providing the information the organism lacks. The homeopathic remedy represents a little more of the same information the organism is trying to process in order to regain health. Once this information is provided in a coded energetic form, the vital force is stimulated to complete what it has begun and is rebalanced.

Homeopathic remedies are energised substances that carry information to the vital force. They are arrived at by following the symptom-picture it puts out. Symptoms are an attempt of the vital force to regain balance as well as to indicate that there is an imbalance.

The remedies contain all the information needed to heal on the emotional mental and physical level and allow for spiritual transformation.

As Paracelsus articulated, “Medicine is not something that can be chewed with the teeth; no one can see medicine. It is not a matter of the body but a matter of power.”

Nature Of Remedies

God has provided us with a planet filled with healing substances. Substances that carry the information encoded within them to help us heal. Dr Hahnemann found a way to match this energy to the ailing patient and a way to release the healing properties [information] of the healing substances.

This is precisely what happens in the process of potentisation, a method used to reach the homeopathic remedy. In this procedure the individual essence of the plant, etc., is released step-by-step from its corporeal form and as it is freed the information is simultaneously transferred to a different and neutral carrier, such as alcohol, or milk-sugar. The longer one goes on doing this thereby increasing the potency, the more the essence is released from the material prison and the more strongly it can transmit its information in the non-material realm. Potentisation is a process of spiritualising matter. The poisonous crude substance is transmuted to its medicinal, spiritual form.

The Similar Remedy: Similia Similibus Curantur  

The first law of homeopathy is based on the belief that a single substance which bears a profile and essence similar to that of the symptom-picture being exhibited by the ill person will be the appropriate remedy for that person.

All substances on the planet have a potential to cure. Dr Hahnemann experimented with a large number of these by proving them on healthy human volunteers to see what symptoms on all levels would be produced as they became poisoned. These provings were recorded in materia medicas. The remedy similar to the information that the person is lacking is given and the illness is discharged. One can only heal through the truth that has made them ill.

The single and similar remedy provides all the information necessary to rebalance the vital force.


The homeopathic remedy when correctly chosen contains all the information necessary to satisfy the vital force. The encoded energy resonates at the same, precise level as the imbalance in the vital force and causes the vital force to complete what it has already begun to do.

The rebalanced force then attains a higher level of being, or consciousness. In this respect, homeopathy is transformational, as it liberates the organism to a slightly higher state of consciousness.

Illness and suffering should not, therefore, be seen as unwelcome disturbances in our lives, or something to be avoided. Rather, they are the preliminary steps to liberation which must be lived through and endured if we are to find light — that is, health and wellness.

Dr BARBARA ETCOVITCH is a Classical Homeopath, Interfaith Minister, freelance writer, and lecturer. She has a BA from Sir George Williams University, a MA in Literature from the University of Ottawa, Canada, and a Diploma in Classical Homeopathy from the School of Homeopathy, Devon, England. She was ordained by the All Faiths Seminary International in New York City in 2004. She has been in homeopathic practice for 30+ years treating human and animals alike, from her office in Montreal, Canada, and worldwide via Skype.

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