For The Busy Woman


Working women wear ‘two’ many hats. They run the household and also pursue a career outside of their home to help support the family. It’s obviously a big challenge for them to juggling such a responsibility. Many of them skip meals to ‘make-do’ with time; this may sometimes cause nutritional imbalance, leading to iron-deficiency anaemia, poor calcium intake, and weight-related issues.

Fast-food with their high energy content, salt, fat and simple sugars are often the easiest way out for many working women. Right? Wait a moment. There’s a clear answer — it is simple, practical and effective. Here goes:

6.00am: Start with a glass of natural, fresh lime juice in lukewarm water. It helps to eliminate body fat.

7.00am: Green tea [without sugar and milk] with two low-calorie, fibre biscuits.

8.00am: Breakfast. A bowl of freshly-cut fruits, or two idlis with sambhar, and a glass of milk. The other option is: oat, or corn, flakes with milk.

11.00am: Drink a glass of fresh fruit juice with two ragi khakras. This helps to control excess hunger at lunch-time.

1.30pm: Lunch. two chapattis and veggies [sabji, or bhaji] with dal [For non-vegetarians: fish, or ‘white’ meat].

4.30pm: Any seasonal fruit, with some roasted nuts.

8.00pm: Dinner. Soup, porridge, or salad, with one chapatti, dal and veggies.

9:30pm: A glass of warm milk. Milk is rich in calcium [good for bone health] and the essential amino acid, tryptophan. Tryptophan is a natural relaxant; it promotes good sleep.

Exercise is just as important. A work-out at the gym, aerobics, or yoga, or walking, for 20-30 minutes, daily, 4-5 times a week, helps to ‘rev-up’ your metabolism, keeps you fit, and also buoyant.


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