First-Aid Made Simple: Part-2


Words: Dr Barbara ETCOVITCH

Most of the homeopathic remedies described in Part One of this article [ThinkWellness360; November 7, 2021], as well as others proven to be of value in first-aid, can be useful as external applications when used in tincture form.

With the exclusion of skin complaints, such as eczema, psoriasis and warts, which are conditions that suggest an underlying chronic imbalance, the topical applications of the many remedies described in Part Two can be used safely and effectively.

Other complaints, such as snake and serious insect bites, require professional care, if they produce allergic reactions, or if there is extreme pain. In all instances, anything complex, or alarming, should be addressed by a trained homeopath, or the emergency clinic at the nearest hospital.

The tinctures can be prepared for external use as —

Creams. The tincture is put in a cream base such as glaxyl cream which is not sticky and easily absorbed. Preparation: Use 20-30 drops of tincture in adequate cream to cover one application.

Eyebaths. The tincture is placed in distilled water and the solution is used to wash the eye. Preparation: Mix two drops of tincture with one-and-a-half ounce of boiled, cooled, distilled water, or place two drops of tincture in an eyebath container filled with boiled, cooled, distilled water.

Lotions. Dilute the tincture in distilled water. Preparation: For mild solution, use 20 drops of tincture to two ounce of boiled, cooled distilled water. For strong solution, use 30 drops of tincture to three ounce of boiled, cooled, distilled water.

Oils. The plant is crushed, soaked in oil and strained. Preparation: The original plant is crushed, macerated in oil, allowed to stand and then strained.

Ointments. The tincture is mixed with a lanolin base.

Arnica Montana [Leopard’s bane/wolf’s bane]

Bed Sores in the first stage

Use: ointment, cream or lotion

Bruises in the first stage, i.e., without discoloration

Use: ointment, cream, lotion.

Sore muscles

Use: ointment, oil.

Sprains, strains in the first stage

Use: ointment, cream or wrap a lotion-soaked bandage.

Wasp stings

Use: tincture.


Use: ointment 2-3 times a day.

Note: Do not use Arnica on broken skin

Calendula Officinalis [Marigold]

Burns, Scalds in the second degree after the pain has passed

Use: cream or lotion.

Cuts, wounds

Minor use: ointment, cream

Serious use: lotion in a bandage which is kept moist.


Use: lotion or cream.

Note: Use only on clean wounds. Calendula heals rapidly and can seal in dirt.

Cantharis [Spanish fly] 

Burns before blistering

Use: lotion. Keep part moist with the solution.

Euphrasia Officinalis [Eyebright]

Eye infections and injuries to eye

Use: tincture, two drops of tincture to one-and-a-half ounce of boiled, cooled distilled water. Bathe eye.

Hamamelis Virginica [Witch-hazel]

Bruises [with broken skin]

Use: ointment, cream, lotion.


Use: tincture 20 drops to eight ounce of distilled water applied through a gauze.

Hypericum Perforatum [St John’s wort] 

Burns [second stage, i.e., with blisters]

Use: lotion. Soak gauze in lotion and keep damp. Do not remove until pain is diminished.

Cuts, wounds [lacerated]

Use: lotion to clean dirty wounds and before bandaging.

Insect bites

Use: tincture. If swelling persists, use lotion on a compress.

Sunburn [second degree, i.e., with blisters]

Use: lotion — soaked gauze.

Ledum Palustre [Marsh tea] 

Wounds [puncture]

Use: tincture directly on wound.

Wasp and bee stings

Use: tincture.

Mosquito bites

Use: tincture.

Plantago Major [Broadleaf plantain] 


Use: tincture. Apply to gums.

Rhus Toxicodendron [Poison ivy] 

Joint Pain

Use: ointment rubbed into joints.


Use: ointment. Use Arnica first and then apply Rhus tox after the swelling is gone. Two times daily. Bandage, elevate and rest the part affected. Especially helpful if ligament is torn.


Use: ointment.

Ruta Graveolens [Rue] 


Use: ointment after Arnica to reduce swelling on bruised bones. 2-3 times a day.

Eye Strain

Use: tincture. Two drops in one-and-a-half ounce of boiled, cooled, distilled water. Wash eye.


Use: ointment. To be used when Rhus tox fails and the periosteum is damaged.

Tennis elbow

Use: ointment, cream.

Symphytum Officinale [Comfrey; knitbone]


Use: ointment. When Rhus Tox and Ruta fail after 48 hours

Urtica Urens [Stinging nettle] 

Bee Stings

Use: tincture.

Burns [minor, with redness and no blistering

Use: ointment, cream, lotion.


Use: lotion, cream. If pains are shooting and severe, combine 20 drops of Urtica urens with 20 drops of Hypericum in two ounces of distilled water to make a lotion.

Snake Bites

Use: tincture.


Homeopathy is a wonderful method of treatment in first-aid situations. Used correctly, it can speed up the healing process, gently and safely, and prevent complications that could, otherwise, follow the accident and injury.

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Dr BARBARA ETCOVITCH is a Classical Homeopath, Interfaith Minister, freelance writer, and lecturer. She has a BA from Sir George Williams University, a MA in Literature from the University of Ottawa, Canada, and a Diploma in Classical Homeopathy from the School of Homeopathy, Devon, England. She was ordained by the All Faiths Seminary International in New York City in 2004. She has been in homeopathic practice for 30+ years treating human and animals alike, from her office in Montreal, Canada, and worldwide via Skype.

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