‘Embrace Awareness. Always’

Sidharth MALHOTRA on beauty, fitness, health and wellness.

Sidharth Malhotra needs no introduction. He’s a top-class actor with a ripped body and chocolate-boy ‘killer-looks,’ who’s captivated the hearts of millions — especially, girls. Sid is also a sure-shot, super-hit performer of the top draw. His carved body reminds you of an ancient Roman warrior, or hero. Yet, he doesn’t like to flaunt his body in shirtless shoots, just for the heck of it.

Sid is loaded with a natural sense of accentuated, well-focused self-respect too. He says that he wishes to garner applause for his outstanding acting calibre — not just for his superb physique in isolation. This is what makes him super-special — the friendly guy living next door.

Your view on beauty? 

I think colours represent today’s young ladies: confident, strong, self-assured, and unafraid to express themselves. I think, minimal — just kajal-lined eyes and a little lipstick. Well, the best part, for me, is — it all starts with a smile, and this is not cosmetic.

Your ‘take’ on fitness? 

I agree that it is not easy to keep six packs all through the year. I’ve to really work hard for that — there is just no halfway house for fitness, anyway. One of the secrets behind my athletic body is my fondness for football. I tend to avoid hard-core and tough workouts in gym, at times, and I favour playing my favourite sport to keeping fit. Football is my childhood love; it has stayed this way ever since. I do not also really appreciate the idea of exhausting my body beyond my strength. This is one reason why I don’t overdo my normal workout sessions, because I know that intense dance sessions have been scheduled for me for the day. I also make sure that my workouts don’t get stagnant, or boring. The result: I keep varying my set of workouts every four weeks. I begin my workouts with ten minutes’ warm-up exercises. I practice cardio-workouts and weight training. I love running and swimming, no less. I practice them twice a week. My variable workouts, I reckon, are exciting ways to providing exercise for the whole body — without getting too regimental. 

Your view of health and wellness?  

Health and wellness go hand-in-hand — they are the sum of the parts and also part of the whole. I’m a committed non-vegetarian. My diet consists of chicken, fish, meat, and other foods having a rich percentage of protein. I drink plenty of water to keep my body well hydrated. I also prefer a protein smoothie, especially when I don’t have the time for a full, wholesome meal.

Your ‘take’ on work-life balance? 

Most of us tend to forget to shape our inner self and spend time doing all the complex things to connect better with the body. One ought to — in our tough life — get a good, tight hold on one’s awareness and connect better with the body. This will help us win the long race. Is this not a perfect example of balancing our life every day and still showing up for work regularly? 

Your mantra to beat stress? 

We’ve been putting in work for the long run and hoping to build a better mind, body, and also a good future. Taking each day as it comes and listening to our mind-body, from the inside out, and adjusting to its pace is much more important than loading oneself with unnecessary noise around.

SIDHARTH MALHOTRA works primarily in Hindi films. He began his career as a fashion model, but left it to pursue acting. He first got into TV serials, before assisting Karan Johar in My Name Is Khan [2010]. He debuted with his first lead role in Johar’s Student of the Year [2012]. The rest is now history of the top, super draw. He is happily married to the ravishing Kiara Advani — a much-sought-after actress. The star couple live in Mumbai, India. This piece has been collated and curated from material available on the ‘Net [Sidharth Malhotra [Photo, Courtesy: Wallpaper Cave].

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